For investors

Investors, who have signed an agreement with the Council of Ministers of Crimea on implementation of investment projects on the territory of the Republic of Crimea, are provided with land and real estate objects for rent for implementation of projects without bidding.

The order of consideration of requests of investors and concluding of agreements

1. Profit tax:

  • Federal Budget – 0% for 10 years;
  • Crimean Budget
    - 2% in the first 3 years;
    - 6% - from 4 to 8 years;
    - 13,5%- from the 9th year.

2. Exemption from property tax for 10 years.

3. Own capital assets has depreciation coefficient up to 2.

4. Exemption from land tax - for 3 years.

5. Lower rates of insurance contributions – 7,6%:

  • 6% - Pension Fund of Russia;
  • 1,5% - Social Insurance Fund of Russia;
  • 0,1%- Federal Compulsory Medical Insurance Fund .

6. Exemption from import duties and taxes payment.


To have tax privileges you need

Supporting of investment projects is carried out by the State Autonomous Institution of the Republic of Crimea "Center for Investment and Regional Development". Its main functions are:

  • Consulting of investors, assistance in obtaining information and development of a feasibility study
  • Preparation of an investment agreement
  • Support of a project at the stage of consideration
  • Preparation of materials for consideration of a project by the Council for improving the investment climate of the Republic of Crimea
  • Monitoring of performance of a road map for implementation of an investment project
  • Monitoring of conditions of an investment project implementation
  • Supporting of investment projects during implementation
  • Analysis, testing and arrangement of investment sites of the Republic of Crimea