Location: Russian Federation, Southern Federal District, Republic of Crimea.

Area – 600 km2 (2,3 % of the total territory of the republic).

Population – 54,87 thousand people (including 29,96 thousand people - Alushta).

Distance from the city of Simferopol - 45 km.

Municipality comprises: Alushta city, Partenit urban-type settlement and 24 localities.

Alushta city district is located in the most extensive valley on the Southern Coast of Crimea between the small mountain rivers Ulu-Uzen (Bolshaya Voda) and Demerdzhi, extending from the mountain Ayu-Dag in the Southwest to the village of Privetnoye in the Northeast, and forms the so-called Greater Alushta.

The region is bordered to the West by the city district of Yalta, to the Northwest by Bakhchisaray municipal district, to the North by Simferopol municipal district, to the Northeast by Belogorsky municipal district, and to the East by Sudak city district. The Southern part is washed by the waters of the Black sea.

Alushta is the most convenient resort in terms of transport. Traditionally, it has developed tourism. For tourists, it is attractive because it is located in the middle of the roads - to the East and to the West approximately the same distance along the highway along the coast. The distance from Alushta to Simferopol, the capital of the Republic of Crimea, is 45 km.


Investment attractiveness

Industry specialization of the region: health resorts and tourism, agro-industrial complex (viticulture and winemaking), industry.

Alushta is a climatic resort. Its health resorts treat mainly diseases of the respiratory system of a non-tuberculosis nature, the cardiovascular system and individual diseases of the nervous system. On the territory of Alushta region, there are 194 enterprises of sanatorium and tourism sector with a total capacity of 23,7 thousand places. In terms of the number of tourists and the number of health resorts, the city ranks second after Yalta among the resort regions of Crimea.


The largest enterprises in the health resort sector

Health resorts:

  • JSC "Pension "More" resort hotel with medical center,
  • "Sanatorium "Alushta" LLC,
  • "Sanatorium "Golden" LLC,
  • "Sanatorium "Slavutich" LLC,
  • "Horizon Alushta" LLC,
  • "Demerdzhi" LLC, etc.

Children's medical and health facilities:

  • "Children's health camp "Bereg" LLC,
  • Separate division "Children's health and recreation camp "Kiparis",
  • JSC "Children's health center "Chaika»,
  • Children's recreation camp "Solnechny".

Hotel facilities:

  • "Park-hotel "Porto Mare",
  • "Mindal'naya rosha" LLC,
  • "Krymskie zori" LLC.

These and other resort and tourism businesses attract foreign and Russian investors to the region.


Investment in industry

The main specialization of the industry: food and processing industry, production of non-metallic materials.

Alushta city district is one of the centers of viticulture and winemaking countries in the region, there are 4 wineries that are included in the FSUE "PJSC "Massandra" (Branches "Malorechenskoye", "Alushta", "Pryvetnoe", "Tavrida"), as well as wine and cognac plant "Magliv". The companies specialize in the production of grape wines and processing of wine materials.


In the field of essential oil production, JSC "Alushta essential oil state farm-plant", founded in 1931, is the oldest enterprise in Russia for the cultivation of essential oil plants and the production of natural cosmetics. Currently, the plant produces its products under the trademarks "Fragrant world" and "Treasures of the Crimea". Raw materials for production are grown on their own plantations, the total area of land is 1190 hectares.

The ability to import raw materials from exotic and unusual plants in the Crimea allows the plant's specialists to develop new recipes, thereby constantly updating and expanding the range of products. The company specializes in the production of scented waters, scented bath salts, manicure and pedicure products, and skin care products.

The mining industry and quarry development is represented by JSC "Sharkhinsky quarry" (stone extraction for construction, development of gravel and sand quarries).

Alushta has historical, cultural, natural and landscape potential, which annually attracts a large number of tourists to the region.


Tourist attraction of the region

The main historical and historical-architectural monuments are: the House-Museum of S.N. Sergeyev-Tsensky, Villa of architect A.N. Beketov, Museum of I.S. Shmelev, Aluston Fortress is a historical and cultural reserve, Church of Theodore Stratilata, Mosque "Yukhari-Jami" the lower Mosque, Kutuzovsky fountain - the place of the injured M.I. Kutuzov, Ai-Andrey Temple-excursion object, Demerdzhi Historical and cultural Park (Funa Fortress), Palace Princess Gagarina.

On the territory of the city there are: local history museum, house of creativity "Moscow region", "Alushta aquarium", water park, Dolphinarium "Aquarelle", children's park "Multipark", cinema "Storm", Museum "House of brownies" (Zaprudnoye village).



Ongoing investment projects

In the municipal formation – Alushta city district of the Republic of Crimea, 12 projects are being implemented for RUB 9.9 billion, 303 jobs are planned to create. The largest volume of investment has actually been invested in the implementation of the following projects:

  • creation of a multifunctional tourist and recreational complex "Alushtinsky" (Investment volume: RUB 6.9 billion);
  • construction of the residential complex "SOLNECHNY GOROD" (Investment volume: RUB 1.52 billion);
  • reconstruction and development of the "Studenchesky" and recreation center (Investment volume: RUB 550 million).


Projects implemented within the free economic zone (FEZ) in Alushta, Republic of Crimea

41 projects are being implemented in the municipal formation – Alushta city district of the Republic of Crimea. The largest volume of investment has actually been invested in the implementation of the following projects:

  • the project "Creation of a complex of apartments for living "Ayu-Dag Resopt & Spa", (Investment volume: RUB 550 million, 25 jobs are being created);
  • construction of a mobile line for the production of cubic crushed stone with a capacity of 250 t/h ", (Investment volume: RUB 90.0 million, 26 jobs are being created);
  • the project "Construction of a shopping complex with a production unit (Investment volume: RUB 85.45 million, 97 jobs are being created).

Investment in fixed assets in the city district of Alushta

Investment in fixed assets for 2020 amounted to 1,3 billion rubles.
Per 1 person, the investment amounted to 24,1 thousand rubles.


Investment in education

In the near future, the following are planned:

  • reconstruction of MBPEDI No.12 Alushta, the investment volume: RUB 299.3 million;
  • reconstruction of MBPEDI No.2, Maly Mayak rural area, the investment volume: RUB 267.9 million;
  • construction of MPEDI, Alushta, Izobilnoye village for 150 places, investment volume: RUB 274.6 million.
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