Location: Russian Federation, Southern Federal District, Republic of Crimea.

Area – 1894 km2 (7.3% of the total territory of the republic).

Population – 60,6 thousand people.

Distance from the city of Simferopol – 42 km.

Administrative center – Belogorsk.

The Republic of Crimea is located in the South of Russia. Belogorsk district is located in the foothills, in the central part of the Republic of Crimea. It has not access to the sea. The region borders: in the West − with Simferopol region, in the East − with Sovetsky and Kirovsky districts, in the South − with Sudak and Alushta urban districts, and in the North − with Krasnogvardeisky and Nizhnegorsky districts.

The structure of the municipality Belogorsk district includes: the city of Belogorsk, urban-type settlement Zuya and 78 villages.


Wealth of natural resources

Belogorsk district is the land of picturesque fertile fields at the foot of the Crimean mountains with a unique forest-steppe climate and the purest mountain air. The center of the district is known since the times of the Great Silk Road as the largest and oldest Crimean trading city Karasubazar at the foot of the majestic White Rock − Ak-Kaya.


The area of flowering gardens, vineyards and essential oil crops, horse breeding area with only in the Crimea production of koumiss and the largest pheasant nursery.

A part of the district is covered with forests (about 57.9 thousand hectares), where mostly deciduous plantings grow. There are roe deer, deer, wild pigs in the forests, hares, foxes, partridges in the steppes. There are large hunting grounds. The area is also rich in minerals, mainly for construction purposes, such as limestone, gravel, gravel, marl, brick-tiled clay.

The water resources of the region are represented by the Taigan, Belogorsk and Balanovsky reservoirs.


Investment attractiveness

The leading branch of the district economy is agricultural production.

The district specializes in the production of grain (winter wheat, winter barley) and essential oil crops.

In the region are grown: sage, lavender, rose essential oil. The production of essential oils in the area are: «Efir» LLC and «Efirmaslo» LLC.


Investment in agriculture

The largest agricultural enterprises of the agro-industrial complex of the region are:

  • «Agrofirm «Zelenogorsk» LLC, «Nadezhda» LLC, « SO «Novozhilovsky» LLC, «For Peace» LLC − production of vegetable oil, growing grain, oil-bearing crops, grapes; dairy production and conservation;
  • «Luch» LLC, «Era-21» LLC − growing grain crops;
  • SAI RC «Belogorsk forestry» − forest management, rational use, protection and restoration of forest resources.

The area has a great investment attractiveness for the revival of gardening and growing vegetables on closed ground, for the development of horse breeding and sheep breeding.


Investment in industry

The industry of Belogorsk district is mainly represented by mining companies specializing in the extraction of industrial and construction limestone of various fractions, sand, crushed stone. There are 6 industrial enterprises in the district, the main of which are:

  • «Ulyanovsk Limestones» LLC and Belogorsk Limestones LLC − production of crushed stone products and marbled limestone;
  • Belogorsk Career Management LLC − production of building materials.

Investment in tourism

Belogorsky district has a huge tourist potential. The most promising area for Belogorye is its development as a territory of special ecological status.

The territory of Belogorsk district is famous for its natural monuments:

  • the mount Ak-Kaya, the first sites of ancient people were found on that territory;
  • the Karabi-Yayla Plateau is the most extensive of all table-shaped peaks of the Crimean Mountains, its area is so large (113 km2) that it is not perceived as a mountain, although its average height above sea level exceeds 1000 meters, and the highest point is Tai-Koba − 1260 meters;
  • Karabi-Yailinskaya hollow;
  • caves − Kiik-Koba and Aji-Koba − the sites of primitive man;
  • Suvorov Oak, which is about 500 years old;
  • the mountain karst of the Crimea, in whose territory the rarest plants listed in the Red Book grow.

In Belogorsk district, there are 58 monuments of history and monumental art, 211 architectural and archaeological complexes and five monuments of architecture and urban planning.

On the territory of the district there is the Park of lions «Taigan» − the largest nursery in Europe of various breeds of lions and many other species of animals, mainly large mammal predators. A unique collection of lions collected from all zoos of the CIS, Europe and South Africa. Predators are kept in open enclosures on 20 hectares of territory, which imitates the African savannah. The life of lion prides can be observed from high platforms. In addition to the safari park in «Taigan» there is a zoo, where a couple of giraffes live, as well as roes, monkeys, peacocks and other animals.

In 2017, during the construction of the Tavrida highway in Belogorsky district, an old stone bridge was discovered, located on the old road leading from Belogorsk (Karasubazar) to Feodosia. The bridge is the only preserved and oldest architectural and engineering structure in the Crimea.

In July 2018, a cave preserved for 50 thousand years was discovered near the village of Zuya, which preserved the remains of animals that lived on the peninsula before the Ice Age. Scientists of the Crimean Federal University named after V.I. Vernadsky examined the cave burial of fossils, it is unique not only for the Crimea, but also has no analogues in Russia.


Large investment projects

12 investment projects are being implemented in Belogorsky district the largest of them:

  • construction of Belogorsky greenhouse complex in the Republic of Crimea, the total investment volume is RUB 3.9 billion;
  • construction and operation of an "Ecotechnopark" for the processing, neutralization, disposal and MSW disposal in Turgenevo village, Belogorsky district of the Republic of Crimea, the investment volume is RUB 131.9 million.
  • 2 projects construction and operation of the MFZ (on the "Tavrida" highway), the total investment volume is RUB 595.1 million;
  • creation and development of modern highly efficient agricultural production on the basis of the former State Unitary Enterprise of the Republic of Crimea "Military State Farm "Gurzufsky", the total investment volume is RUB 318 million, including capital investment is RUB 318 million;
  • development of an agro-industrial enterprise on the basis of the State Enterprise "State Farm-plant "Predgorye", the total investment volume is RUB 260.5 million;
  • production of asphalt concrete mixture on the territory of the Republic of Crimea, the total investment volume is RUB 113.9 million.

Projects implemented within the framework of the Free Economic Zone (FEZ) in Belogorsky district

19 projects are being implemented in the municipality. The largest investment volume has actually been invested in the implementation of the following projects:

  • the creation of a greenhouse plant through capital investment in the construction of a greenhouse complex and the purchase of technological equipment, was initiated by LLC Greenhouse plant "Belogorsky", the capital investment volume is RUB 2.3 billion, 400 jobs were created;
  • construction of the gravity winery "Belogorye Manor", the capital investment volume is RUB 91 million, 10 jobs were created;
  • 3 projects for the development of horticulture, laying and caring for perennial fruit and berry plantations in the Crimea, the capital investment volume for each RUB 68.74 million, 50 jobs were created.

Investment in fixed assets in Belogorsky district of the Republic of Crimea

Investment in fixed assets for 2020 amounted to 475.2 million rubles.
Based on 1 person, the investment amounted to 7.9 thousand rubles.


Investment in education

In Belogorsky municipal district, it is planned:

  • build 2 kindergartens in Belogorsk city for 160 places and in Litvinenkovo village for 80 places with a total investment of RUB 445.6 million;
  • reconstruction of the CPI "Yagodka" in Lechebnoe village, Michurinsky rural settlement of the Belogorsky district, the investment volume is RUB 116.3 million;
  • reconstruction of the MSEI "Zelenogorskaya secondary school" of Belogorsky district of the Republic of Crimea, the investment volume is RUB 494.5 million.

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