Location: Russian Federation, Southern Federal District, Republic of Crimea.

Area – 25.9 km2 (0.1% of the total territory of the republic).

Population – 38.7 thousand people.

Distance from the city of Simferopol – 96 km.

Dzhankoy is located in the northern part of the steppe Crimea at the intersection of the main highways of the Republic of Crimea.

The shallow rivers Stepnaya and Mirnovka flow through the city.


Investment attractiveness

Industry specialization of the region: industry, including food, and transport.

The largest industrial complex enterprises of the city:

  • Dzhankoy Bread Baking State Unitary Enterprise «Krymhleb». The company is focused on the production of bread and bakery products, provides the city of Dzhankoy and Dzhankoysky district with its products. There are more than 90 kinds of products, which are sold under the trademark «Bulkin» in the assortment of enterprise.
  • «Novator» LLC is one of the largest producers of dairy products in the Republic of Crimea. The industrial complex was formed in 1928, the territory of the enterprise occupies almost 4 ha, the total area of production capacity is more than 10 thousand square meters. The range of fermented milk products includes butter, hard, soft cheese, and dry milk products.
  • «Dzhankoy Elevator» LLC there are grain silo-type warehouses used for storing food and feed wheat, with a capacity of 54 thousand tons on the territory of enterprise, a feed mill (annual capacity of 68 thousand tons) with silo houses for storing grain and finished products with a capacity of 31 thousand tons.

Investment in the transport industry

Due to its geographical location, the city of Dzhankoy has significant transport potential. On the territory of the city district is located one of the largest railway stations of the Republic of Crimea, from the city extends a developed network of railways and roads in different directions. There is also an extensive infrastructure for servicing the locomotive and carriage fleet, a cargo sorting station, and qualified labor resources.

With the commissioning of the railway part of the Crimean Bridge from 2020, new logistics are expected to establish. The increase in cargo transportation and the establishment of inter-regional passenger transport will become in short-term a growth point in the region.

On the territory of the city there is a recreation park − a monument of landscape gardening art of local significance, a place of recreation for residents and guests of the city. On the territory of the park there is a modernly equipped playground, as well as a complex of sports horizontal bars for the development of a new youth flow «Workout».


The memory of the war years is reflected in the monuments located in historically significant places and is marked with memorial plaques. The city has 11 monuments commemorating the Second World War: a monument to prisoners of concentration camps of war prisoners at the canning factory, a monument to aviators and liberators of the Crimea, a monument to the soldiers of the 19th tank corps − liberators of the city of Dzhankoy, a memorial plaque on the place of mass death of Soviet citizens (Dzhankoy school of secondary education № 1), a memorial sign on the site of mass death of Soviet citizens (part of the former antitank moat). All the monuments of history and monumental art located in the city are objects of cultural heritage and a reminder to the younger generation of the heroism of Soviet soldiers.


Project implemented within the Free Economic Zone (FEZ) Dzhankoy city district:

  • substitution of imports of dairy products, meeting the demand of Russian enterprises for finished products supplied both to the domestic market and for export (Investment volume: RUB 69.5 million, 30 jobs are being created);
  • creation of a production company for the manufacture of metal structures and metal products, as well as plastic products, (Investment volume: RUB 3.3 million, 7 jobs are being created).

Investment in fixed capital in Dzhankoy city district

Investment in fixed assets in 2020 amounted to 508.1 million RUB.
Based on 1 person investment amounted to 13.5 thousand RUB.


Investment in education

In the city district, it is planned to build two preschool educational organizations with a total investment of RUB 760.8 million, which will create 610 additional places.


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