Location: Russian Federation, Southern Federal District, Republic of Crimea.

Area – 2667 km2 (10.2% of the total territory of the republic).

Population – 66.9 thousand people.

Distance from the city of Simferopol – 98 km.

Administrative center is the city of Dzhankoy, which is not included in the district itself.

Municipality includes 2 urban-type settlements, 111 villages, which are combined into 28 rural settlements.

Dzhankoy region is located in the North-eastern steppe part of the Crimean Peninsula. In the North, North-east, the area is washed by the waters of Lake Sivash. In the South-east and partly in the South it borders with Nizhnegorsky district, in the South with Krasnogvardeisky district, in the West – with Pervomaysky and Krasnoperekopsky regions. In the North, Dzhankoy region is bordered with Genichesky region of Kherson region, Ukraine.

The area is rich in minerals, which are represented by deposits of brick-tiled clay, sand and gravel deposits, mineral springs, iodine thermal underground waters of the North-Sivash deposit and gas fields.


Investment attractiveness

Industry specialization of the region: agriculture.

The main direction in crop production – production of grain, sunflower, vegetables, grapes; in animal husbandry − production of milk, poultry, wool. Products grown in private farms take a significant share.

The district is one of the leaders in poultry stocks, grain and leguminous crops production, and it is one of the leaders among the regions of the republic for potato cultivation.


Investment in agriculture

The main enterprises of tagro-industrial complex are:

  • JSC «Druzhba narodov Nova» − poultry meat production;
  • «Osaviakhim» LLC − growing of grain and industrial crops;
  • «Boris-Agro» LLC − growing grain and industrial crops;
  • «Rodina» LLC − cultivation of grain and industrial crops.

ПProducers of the region grow peaches, apples, variety of table grapes in open and closed ground. At the All-Crimean festival «Golden bunch of grape 2015», peasant farm economy «Mahotka» (Lobanovo village) presented 51 grape varieties. The varietal collection was appreciated, it was recognized as the best and was awarded as the main festival award of the 2015 Grand Prix Cup. At the festival «Golden bunch of grape – 2017», peasant farm economy «Mahotka» also received the Grand Prix.

A. I. Moroz individual entrepreneur grows a variety of table grapes in greenhouses, the area under which is expanded regularly.

The main enterprise of the processing industry in the district – «Azovchane» LLC, which produces a wide range of meat and sausage products, bakery products, frozen meat semi-finished products.


The use of artificial reservoirs creates prospects for the development of fish farming and fishing. An investment project is being implemented to create a fish farm for growing sturgeon and salmon breeds of the farm O. K. Galstyan in Yermakovsky rural settlement. The products in 2019 within the framework of the 21st Russian agro-industrial exhibition «Golden autumn − 2019» were awarded a diploma and a medal for the first place.

Local agricultural producers are actively investing in the industry. Various agricultural machinery is being purchased, including on financial leasing terms, as part of state grant programmes, existing production facilities are being modernized (refrigeration equipment, feed production lines are being installed), and breeding cattle are being purchased.


Wealth of natural resources

The region is of great ornithological significance: Siwash island as a wetland has received international recognition at the Ramsar Convention: the high number of birds during nesting, molting, and migration stops allows us to reasonably consider the land one of the most important in the Northern Mediterranean. The number of birds during the nesting period reaches in general more than 40 thousand pairs (52 species), and during migrations over 3 million individuals fly through the territory of Sivash, more than 90 species of near-water birds, which is about 88% of the entire avifauna of the Crimea.


The historical and cultural potential of the region is the basis for investment in tourism.

There are 57 cultural heritage sites on the territory of Dzhankoy district, including 53 historical monuments (memorials, mass graves) dedicated to the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945.

The district has registered archaeological monuments: 108 barrows of the bronze age, Scythian period and the middle ages.

There is a local history museum, there are expositions of archeology and ethnography, tsarist times, war years, military operations and the Soviet Union.

There are geothermal wells on the territory of the Medvedevsky village council; there is also a branch of the Federal State Budgetary Institution of Science «Order of the Red Banner of Labor Nikita Botanical Garden - National Science Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences» «Dzhankoy Intra-Quarantine Nursery» (DIKP). The pearl of the nursery are garden roses (317 varieties from Germany, France, England, Italy, Holland, etc., more than 700 types and varieties of different colours and shapes).


In the village of Zavet-Leninsky there is a municipal educational institution for additional education of children «Ecological and biological center». On the territory of the park named after L. K. Zahariana there is a small zoo, which is inhabited by various species of animals and birds, including exotic ones. These are Vietnamese pigs, fallow deer, Romanov sheep, Cameroonian goats, squirrels, snouts, nutria, decorative chickens, 4 species of pheasants, 2 types of cranes, common peacocks, and budgies. The reservoir contains various types of waterfowl, including white and black swans, and the zoo-corner "stars" are ostriches.

On the territory of the Tselinny village there is a museum of history and ethnography, old Jewish, German, and Crimean -Tatar houses are preserved, an old forge is working in the village, and a ford on the Russian island is preserved (along this route, Soviet troops and Red Army went to Crimea twice during the Great Patriotic and Civil War)..


Large investment projects

The following projects are being implemented in municipal formation – Dzhankoy district of the Republic of Crimea:

  • cultivation of cereals, legumes and oilseeds; preparation of animal feed and sale on the domestic market, the investment volume is RUB 74.2 million;
  • creation of a fish farm for the cultivation of sturgeon and salmon species, the investment volume is RUB 38.7 million;
  • organization of cereals and legumes cultivation, the investment volume is RUB 28.3 million;
  • expansion of the material and technical base of PFE, increase in production volumes, the investment volume is RUB 15 million.

Investment in fixed capital in Dzhankoy district of the Republic of Crimea

Investment in fixed assets in 2020 amounted to 311.7 million RUB.
Based on 1 person investment amounted to 4.8 thousand RUB.


Investment in education

In Dzhankoy municipal district, 4 kindergartens are being built and 1 preschool is planned for 2022 in the villages of Pobednoye, Volnoye, Lobanovo, Mirnovka and Izumrudnoye, the total investment volume is RUB 1.3 billion, 840 additional places will be opened.


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