Location: Russian Federation, Southern Federal District, Republic of Crimea.

Area – 350.4 km2 (1.3% of the total territory of the republic).

Population – 100,7 thousand people (Including Feodosia − 68.2 thousand people.)

Distance from the city of Simferopol - 116 km.

Municipality comprises: Feodosia city, five urban-type settlements: Koktebel, Kurortnoe, Ordzhonikidze, Primorsky, Shebetovka and twelve villages.

The Republic of Crimea is located in the South of Russia. Feodosia is a resort and industrial center of the Southeastern Crimea, located on the coast of Feodosia Bay and on the slopes of the Tepe-Oba ridge, which covers the city in the Southwest. The uniqueness and originality of the territory lies in the fact that all the landscapes of the Crimean land are gathered together: the steppe plains, mountain folds, the bends of the ridges, the picturesque foothills, petrified ancient coral reefs and the only extinct ancient Kara-Dag volcano in the Crimea, as well as Feodosia Bay with wide sandy beaches.

The urban district of Feodosia is bordered in the Southwest by Sudak city district, in the North and Northeast by Kirovsky district, in the Northwest by Leninsky district, in the South it is washed by the waters of the Black Sea. The coastal strip of Feodosia is a kind of natural inhalation, which combines the influence of the sea, the Crimean foothills and the southern steppe. The climate of the region is mixed, which is explained by the location at the junction of the steppe zone and the edge of the Crimean mountains.


Investment attractiveness

Industry specialization of the region: health-resort complex, industry (including shipbuilding, food), transport.

Feodosia is a resort where the climate is concentrated: healing mud, mineral waters and sea, which contributes to the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, nervous system, circulatory organs, chronic kidney diseases, biliary tract, and diabetes.


Investment in health-resort industry

Treatment of the respiratory system is promoted by bathing from mid-May to mid-October. Mineral chloride-sulphate-sodium water «Feodosiyskaya», mineral mud of Lake Chokrak is used to treat the digestive organs, blood circulation, and functional diseases of the nervous system. Therapeutic muds occur in the lake. Ajigol and lake Chokrak, which is located 82 km Northeast of Feodosia.

The largest enterprises of the health-resort complex:

Health-resort facilities:

  • sanatorium of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation «Feodosiysky»,
  • State enterprise «Children's special (specialized) sanatorium «Volna»,
  • «Medeya» LLC.

Children's health and medical facilities:

  • children recreation camp «Vympel»,
  • children recreation camp «Orlenok»,
  • children recreation camp «Moryachok»,
  • children's health facility «Sunny Bay».

Complexes providing health services, resorts, recreation centers:

  • tourist and health sports complex «Primorye»,
  • tourist and health complex «Zolotoy Plyag»,
  • tourist and health complex «Mayak»,
  • boarding house «Krymskoe primorie»,
  • boarding house «Goluboy Zaliv»;
  • boarding house «Feodosia»,
  • recreation center «Svetlaya».

Enterprises of hotel and hotel industry:

  • hotel «Vista»,
  • hotel «Feodosia»,
  • hotel «Astoria»,
  • «Grand Astoria» hotel;
  • hotel complex «Hizhina Robinsona»,
  • hotel «Alie parusa»,
  • hotel «Atlantic»,
  • hotel complex «Lydia»,
  • hotel «Aphrodite»,
  • hotel «LEXX».

Historical and cultural potential of the region are the basis for investment in tourism.

There are more than 170 historical and cultural monuments in the region, including: one historical and cultural reserve − «Cimmeria M.A. Voloshin», five objects of natural reserve fund; two museums of international level – The Aivazovsky National Art Gallery in Feodosia, House Museum M. Voloshin. The A. Green Literary-Memorial Museum. The Museum of Antiquities is one of the oldest local history museums, the Tsvetaev sisters’ museum. The Christian History Museum and the Quarantine historical district, which includes medieval Christian churches and the Genoese fortress. The history museum of the All Saints Church (with the old town cemetery) «Keep and remember». Restoration and exhibition center of underwater archeology of the PKK «Black Sea Center for Underwater Research». A museum of aeronautics, a museum of fish and fishery.


In the city and the adjacent area, in the architectural environment, there are remains of the defenses of the Kafa citadel and the outer lines of medieval fortifications, a complex of religious buildings, quarters of historic buildings in the eastern and southern regions of Feodosia.

One of the unique attractions of the region is the Kara-Dag Nature Reserve, on the territory of which the Institute of Biology of the Southern Seas is based.


The diversity of historical and cultural values and various types of tourism contributes to the expansion of the tourist potential of the region.

Feodosia is the cradle of aviation, paragliding and aeronautics of the Republic of Crimea. Just 13 km from Feodosia, the Uzun-Syrt Range (or Klementyev Mountain) is located near Koktebel. There are only two mountains in the world with such strong upflows - it is Uzun-Syrt in Crimea and Harris Hill in America near the town of the same name in the USA, New York. Training flights on hang gliders, para-gliders, and "AN-2" aircraft are conducted from the mountain. Today, there are two clubs: Republican hang gliding club and Paragliding club "Breeze". "Koktebel Cup" paragliding competition is held annually.


Investment in industry

The industrial production of the district is represented by food processing and processing industries, mechanical engineering enterprises; including shipbuilding and ship repair, enterprises of science, industrial transport.

The main part of industrial enterprises are mechanical engineering enterprises - these are shipbuilding, ship repair, instrument-making and science enterprises: Shipbuilding Enterprise FSUE «Shipyard «More», SUE RС «Feodosia Marine Engineering Factory», SUE RС «Feodosia optical factory».

Science enterprises: SUE RC «Design and technical bureau «Sudokompozit», SUE RC «Research Institute of aeroelastic systems».


Investment in agriculture and wine making

The agricultural sector of the district is represented by viticulture enterprises, which are the raw material base for food industry enterprises. The development of viticulture in the district is a priority for the development of agriculture.


In the food and processing industries, the districts carry out activities:

  • Factory KD «Koktebel» LLC (production of vintage brandy),
  • «Plant of vintage wines «Koktebel» LLC. In the vineyards of the enterprise «Plant of vintage wines «Koktebel» LLC, elite grape varieties are grown: Sylvaner, Chardonnay, Aligote, Sauvignon, Pinot Blanc, etc.,
  • «Crimean Wine House» LLC (production of grape wine),
  • Major producers of bread and flour confectionery products of non-durable storage «Alvas» LLC and FSUE RC «Krymhleb» «Feodosiysky HC» represent the bakery industry of the district,
  • «Feodosia grain-receiving enterprise» JSC (production of products of the milling industry and services for the storage and processing of grain).

Feodosia is a transport hub where road, rail and sea routes are concentrated. The region plays an important role in the transportation of goods, in particular, oil products. The main cargo turnover is carried out by the sea trade port of the SUE RC CSP «Feodosia trade port», and cargo handling services are provided by the SUE RC «Chernomorneftegaz». The district’s transport hub also includes two railway stations, Feodosia and Aivazovskaya.


Large investment projects:

In the municipality − the city of Feodosia of the Republic of Crimea, the largest amount of investments was actually made in the framework of the following projects:

  • the creation of an agro-industrial cluster based on the cultivation and processing of grapes "Chateau Feodosia Valley", the total investment volume is RUB 1.5 billion, 154 jobs are being created;
  • the development of winemaking on the basis of the property of the Republic of Crimea in the village of Koktebel, the total amount of investment is RUB 1.4 billion, 375 permanent and 70 seasonal jobs are being created;
  • the water and sports recreation complex "Zolotoy plazh", the total amount of investment is RUB 750 million, 35 jobs are being created.

Projects implemented within the framework of the economic zone (FEZ) in the city of Feodosia of the Republic of Crimea

Within the framework of the FEZ, 49 projects are being implemented in such sectors as agriculture, industry, trade, housing and communal services, the fuel and energy complex, resorts and tourism, the total amount of capital investment is at least RUB 1.8 billion, about 1.4 thousand jobs are being created. The largest projects are:

  • the development of winemaking on the basis of the property of the Republic of Crimea in Koktebel urban-type settlement, the capital investment volume is RUB 955 million, 355 jobs are being created;
  • construction of a production and logistics complex, the capital investment volume is RUB 682 million, 40 jobs are being created.

Investment in fixed capital in the city of Feodosia of the Republic of Crimea

Investment in fixed assets in 2020 amounted to 5,4 billion rubles.
Based on 1 person investment amounted to − 53,4 thousand rubles.


Investment in education

  • 2 kindergartens for 150 and 260 places are being built in Koktebel and Primorsky urban-type settlement (the total estimated cost of the projects is RUB 628.2 million), commissioning in 2022 and 2023, respectively;
  • сonstruction of a school on the Chelnokovsky massif for 800 places (the estimated cost is RUB 673.6 million), planned commissioning in 2024;
  • reconstruction of 3 CPI, the total estimated cost of the projects is RUB 570.7 million.

Investment in housing and communal services

For 2022-2024, 3 STW are planned to build on Cape Ilya, Primorskiy and Koktebel urban-type settlement with a capacity of 50 thousand cubic meters per day, 10 thousand cubic meters per day and 5 thousand cubic meters per day, respectively. The total estimated cost of the projects is RUB 7.7 billion.

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