Location: Russian Federation, Southern Federal District, Republic of Crimea.

Area – 1231 km2 (4.7% of the total territory of the republic).

Population – 23, 8 thousand people.

Distance from the city of Simferopol – 120 km.

Administrative center – Krasnoperekopsk, which is not included in the district itself.

Municipality includes 38 villages.

Krasnoperekopsky district is located in the North of the Republic of Crimea.

In comparison with other regions of the republic, the area is rather small in terms of both area and population. Krasnoperekopsk city being the center of the district, it is not included in its structure itself.

In the North, Krasnoperekopsky district adjoins the territory of Armenian urban district, in the South − Pervomaisky district, in the South-west side − Razdolnensky, in the East − Dzhankoy districts of the Crimea.

Krasnoperekopsky district is a unique steppe region, it has access to two seas − the Black Sea from the western side (Karkinitsky Bay) and the Sea of Azov in the East (Sivash-Laguna). In the South-east to the South-west, the region crosses dry-rivers of the Crimea − Chatyrlyk with the Vorontsovka tributary, at the mouth of which there are ponds of fish farming.

The territory of the district is crossed by several transport highways: Simferopol-Armyansk highway, Dzhankoy-Armyansk railway line (2 railway stations: Krasnoperekopsk, Voinka village), and the North Crimean canal.


Wealth of natural resources

There are 8 large salt lakes in the region: Aigulskoye, Yangul, Staroye, Krasnoye, Kiyatskoye, Kerleutskoye, Krugloye and Chaika, some of which are salt development sites. Reserves of medicinal mud are concentrated within the Siwash Bay and the bitter and salt lakes of the microregion. Environmentally clean Siwash brine is the main raw material for the production of technical soda ash, food salt, technical bromine, magnesium chloride, potassium, etc.

In terms of nature, the area is located in the Prisivashnaya low-coastal region of the Crimean steppe sub-provinces and it is generally a flat-wavy plain with a general slope to the North.

For the entire steppe Crimea is characterized by a relatively hot summer. The winter in the area of the weather station is mild and its duration is 81 days (14.12 - 05.03). Krasnoperekopsky district is very dry. Annual precipitation is 340 mm.

Due to the abundance of sun, heat and mildness of winter, this territory of the steppe part of the Crimea, in comparison with other regions of Russia. It is in especially favourable climatic conditions. However, the lack of soil moisture is the main factor hindering the full use of the rich thermal resources of the steppe region; the latter can only be used for irrigation.


Investment attractiveness

Main specialization of the region – agriculture.

The region specializes in the cultivation of grain and industrial crops.


Investment in agriculture

The largest enterprises cultivating these crops are «Shturm of Perekopa» JLLC, «Heroes of Perekopa» LLC, «Osaviakhim» LLC, «Dneprovsky» LLC, Peasant (farm) economies: «Agrovera», «Elena».

Agricultural enterprises of the region are working on the introduction of modern environmental, energy and resource saving innovative technologies. Also in the area are grown: potatoes, vegetables, fruit and berry crops.


The presence of a natural food base and a mild climate create prospects for the development of sheep farming, which in the 60s of the last century has been almost eliminated and remained in small amounts, only in the private sector. Sheep farming is one of the most profitable areas of agriculture.


Investment in industry

The processing of crop production is carried out by the enterprises: «Krym-Kolos» LLC, an individual entrepreneur is M. V. Mosiychuk. Processing products − flour, cereals, pasta.

Such regions as Krasnoperekopsky, Pervomaysky, Razdolnensky and Dzhankoy have available resources of sunflower crops. Convenient location (Voinka railway station, the nearest distance is 1 km), Armyansk-Feodosiya automobile route, the nearest distance is 300 m, highway service Voinka-Krasnoperekopsk (18 km), (Dzhankoy (45 km), Pervomayskoye (20 km), Razdolnoye (40 km), Simferopol (120 km)), the availability of utilities (gas, water, electricity) give prospects for the construction of a plant for the production of sunflower oil and its production wastes in the village Voinka.


Investment in tourism

The presence of hunting and fishing resources on the territory of the region opens up prospects for the development of organized hunting and fishing tourism, and contributes to the popularization of active recreation and lifestyle.


Historical and cultural potential of the region is the basis for investment in tourism.

Krasnoperekopsky district has a rich historical past, as evidenced by numerous archaeological sites: mounds (211 units), mass graves and memorials associated with the events of the Civil war of 1917-1921 and the Great Patriotic war of 1941-1945 (27 units).


Patriotic events are regularly held in Krasnoperekopsky district.

Russian, Crimean Tatar, Ukrainian and other national cultures are actively developing. Festivals of the peoples of the Crimea are held.

Cultural and educational work on the territory of the district is carried out by 25 cultural and leisure institutions, including: MBCI «Center of Folk Art of Krasnoperekopsky district» and 24 of its structural divisions − 12 rural Houses of culture and 12 rural clubs.

The title of «Exemplary» and «National» has 12 teams of the district, the best creative teams take part in Аll-Russian and interregional competitions and festivals.


Projects implemented within Free Economic Zone (FEZ) of the Republic of Crimea:

  • «Development of the agricultural complex for growing grain and other crops», implemented by the Peasant (farmer) farm «AGROVERA», the volume of capital investment – 5 million RUB.

Investment in fixed assets in Krasnoperekopsky district of the Republic of Crimea

Investment in fixed assets in 2020 amounted to 74.7 million RUB.
Based on 1 person investment amounted to 3,2 thousand RUB.

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