Location: Russian Federation, Southern Federal District, Republic of Crimea.

Area – 2919 km2 (11.2% of the total territory of the republic).

Population – 59,7 thousand people.

Distance from the city of Simferopol – 160 km.

Administrative center – Lenino urban type settlement.

The municipality includes: Shelkino urban type, 2 urban type settlements, 1 settlement, and 64 villages, which are combined into 26 rural settlements.

Leninsky district of the Republic of Crimea is the area of two seas. It is located in the eastern part of the Crimea and occupying the vast majority of the Kerch Peninsula. It is the largest area in the Crimea. The entire territory of the district is occupied by a hilly plain. An interesting natural attraction are mud volcanoes.

Leninsky district is washed by the Sea of Azov to the North and the Black sea to the South. The district borders with the largest cities of the republic: in the Northeast by Kerch, in the Southeast by Feodosia. In the Northeast and Southeast through the Kerch Strait, the district borders on Krasnodar territory. In the West, the district shares a border with Kirovsky district. In the Northwest, along the Arabatskaya Spit it shares a border with Genichesky district of Kherson region, Ukraine.


Wealth of natural resources

The coastline consists of sand and shell beaches of the Azov and Black Sea coasts with a length of 193 km and 90 km, respectively. The waters of the Black and Azov Seas wash the area. This is the only region in the Crimea where you can relax and improve your health on the two seas. Endless beaches and warm sea, reserves of therapeutic blue clay, saturated Sivash salt solutions, numerous historical and cultural sights, as well as a dozen protected sites form the basis of undisclosed tourist and recreational potential of Leninsky district.


Investment attractiveness

The main directions of development of the regional economy are agriculture, industry, health-resort complex.


Investment in agriculture

It is traditionally focused on the production of cereals, meat and milk.

The main direction of crop production is the cultivation of grain and industrial crops, the region's animal husbandry is developing in the direction of growing cattle, pig and sheep breeding, most of which is in the households.

The largest enterprises engaged in the cultivation of grain and industrial crops are: «Vostok» LLC, «SP» Zolotoy Kolos» LLC, «TOV «Semisotka and Company» Limited Partnership, «Initiative» Agricultural Production Cooperative, «Agro-Druzhba & K» LLC, «Agro-Opuk» LLC, «Farming Enterprise «Antonenko» LLC.

The largest cattle-breeding enterprises of the region are: «Initiative» Agricultural Production Cooperative, Farming Enterprise «Bormambetov», Peasant farm economy «Khalilov», «Abdullaev».


Investment in industry

There are 10 industrial enterprises operating in the district, the largest of which are:

  • «Alef-Vinal-Krym» LLC − the production of alcoholic beverages such as: (Cognac «Jean-Jacques», «Klinkov»), the company exports its products.
  • «Kerch Wind Farm Park» LLC − electricity generation;
  • «East-Crimea Energy Company» LLC − production, transmission and distribution of electrical energy.

The presence of oil and gas deposits in the region makes Leninsky district attractive for the development of the mining industry.


Investments in recreation and medical rest

One of the priority directions of development of the area is a health-resort complex.

This is facilitated by the presence on the territory of the region of natural and medicinal resources of the Azov and Black Seas. Therapeutic mud of the Chokraksky, Tobechiksky, Koyashsky, Uzunlarsky lakes, Bulganak field, Sivash mud and brine, keel deposits (blue clay). Deposits of mineral waters of Natural Reserve Fund represented by Kazantip and Opuksky state reserves, reserves of botanical and ornithological type.

The network of health-resort institutions of the district has 32 accommodation facilities, including 3 camps, 9 pensions with treatment, 14 recreation centers and 1 hotel.

The largest enterprises of health-resort sphere include: OK «Boarding house «Azov» LLC; DP «Boarding house «Zarya»; Recreation departments: «Riga» and «Zolotoe»; «Children's Institution of Improvement and Rest «Automobilist» LLC; «Children Recreation Camp «Novootradnoe-1» LLC; Hotel «Paradise Harbor».


Historical and cultural potential of the region – are the basis for investment in tourism.

The area is rich in cultural heritage sites of archaeological and historical nature. Among them are 1501 kurgans of the Scythian period, 14 ancient settlements, dozens of ancient human settlements, necropolises and burial grounds. The objects of the period of the Great Patriotic and Civil Wars include 3 military memorial cemeteries, 85 single and communal graves, 47 memorials to the killed fellow villagers and famous personalities of the history. The medieval fortress Arabat, ancient settlements of Ilurat and Kimmerik are included in the list of cultural heritage sites of national importance.

The Glazovskoye war memorial cemetery, in which more than 5,000 Soviet soldiers who died in the period 1942-1944, are buried, including 7 Heroes of the Soviet Union, has no analogues in the Republic of Crimea.

The area is widely represented by historical and cultural attractions, including more than 1.5 thousand monuments of archeology, 105 historical monuments, the Museum of History of Leninsky district and Novonikolayevsky ethnographic museum.


Large investment projects

In the municipal formation – Leninsky district of the Republic of Crimea, 10 investment projects are being implemented, the largest amount of investment is actually invested in the implementation of the following:

  • construction of multifunctional roadside service zones with infrastructure facilities, the total investment volume is RUB 600 million;
  • construction and operation of gas station No.3 on the "Tavrida" highway, the total investment is RUB 220 million, 95 jobs are being created;
  • 2 projects "Construction and operation of a gas station", the total investment is RUB 400 million, 114 jobs are being created;
  • the crop-growing complex "OZK", initiated by the "Association of Developers of the Crimea" LLC, the total investment volume is RUB 100.1 million, 24 jobs are being created;
  • cultivation of grain, legumes, oilseeds and essential oil crops in Leninsky district of the Republic of Crimea, initiated by "ANTONENKO" Farm" LLC, the total investment is RUB 74 million, 19 jobs are being created;
  • expansion and optimization of the activities of "AGRODRUZHBA&K" LLC by increasing the area of agricultural land and the construction of a granary", the total investment is RUB 23.4 million;
  • cultivation of medicinal plants with the organization of a historical and cultural center in Leninsky district of the Republic of Crimea, the total investment volume is RUB 22.2 million, 14 jobs are being created.

Projects implemented within the framework of the Free Economic Zone (FEZ) in Leninsky district of the Republic of Crimea

19 investment projects are being implemented on the territory of Leninsky district, the largest capital investment volume has been invested in projects:

  • production of 5 thousand tons of dessert apples on an area of 120 ha of the garden with their subsequent sale, the investment volume is RUB 96 million, 25 jobs were created;
  • increasing the volume of fruit production by laying new perennial fruit plantations, implemented by JSC "Crimean Fruit Company", the investment volume is RUB 90 million, 13 jobs were created;
  • creation and development of a new direction of "IMA-Group" LLC for the production, sale and installation of translucent structures for facade and interior glazing, the investment volume is RUB 83.37 million;
  • development of new types of activities in the field of road construction and asphalt concrete production, the investment volume is RUB 75 million, 94 jobs were created;
  • creation and development of a solid municipal waste landfill on the territory of the Republic of Crimea, the investment volume is RUB 66 million, 72 jobs have been created.

Investment in fixed assets in Leninsky district of the Republic of Crimea

Investment in fixed assets in 2020 amounted to 409.2 million RUB.
Based on 1 person investment amounted to − 7.1 thousand RUB.


Investment in gas supply sector

In 2021, it is planned to build a high-pressure gas pipeline to 10 villages of Leninsky district of the Republic of Crimea (Uvarovo, Semisotka, Kamenskoye, Solyanoye, Frontovoye, Yarkoe, Lugovoye, Yerofeyevo, Yuzhnoye, Batalnoye), the length of 98.2 km, the total investment volume is RUB 418.1 million.


Investment in education

In the village of Voykovo, Leninsky district, it is planned to build a school for 500 places, commissioning in 2024, the estimated cost of the project is RUB 651.6 million.

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