Location: Russian Federation, Southern Federal District, Republic of Crimea

Area - 2257 square meters. km (8.7% of the total territory of the republic).

The population - 76,1 thousand people.

Distance from Simferopol - 46 km.

The administrative center is Saki.

The Republic of Crimea is located in the south of Russia. Saki region of the Republic of Crimea is located in the steppe zone on the western coast of the Crimean peninsula. Here, the seaside and steppe climate is successfully combined, which allows Saki district to lead in the number of sunny days per year.

The area is famous for a large number of salt lakes rich in therapeutic mud. Rich deposits of therapeutic mud and the presence of mineral springs make Saki District an ideal place not only for recreation, but also for treatment.

The entire territory of the region is occupied by steppes washed from the west by the waters of the Black Sea. In the north, the district borders with Razdolnensky and the Black Sea, in the south - with Simferopol, in the east - with Krasnogvardeisky, and in the north-east - with Pervomaisky district.

The structure of the municipality includes: Novofedorovka village and 78 villages.


Investment attractiveness

The main specialization of the region is agriculture, sanatorium-resort complex and industry..

Saki District is one of the largest producers of agricultural products - these are cereals, vegetables, grapes, fruits, meat, milk, eggs. The total area of agricultural land is 189 thousand hectares, incl. arable land - more than 143 thousand hectares.

The main directions in plant growing are grain production (wheat and barley), oilseeds (sunflower, flax, mustard), and in livestock farming - meat - dairy cattle breeding, pig breeding, sheep breeding, poultry farming.


The district is among the leaders of the republic in the production of grapes and fruit and berry crops. 11 producers are engaged in growing fruits and grapes in the area, 8 of them are large.

The industrial complex of the region is famous for the production of shell stone. This is a unique natural environmentally friendly building material, which is characterized by its lightness and sufficient density. In this area there are 13 industrial enterprises.


The natural resources of the region are investment-attractive in terms of the development of recreation, the organization of resort rest and treatment.

The sanatorium-resort complex of the region is represented by 12 health resorts of a health-oriented nature, most of which operate only in the summer period.

The main recreational facilities are the recreation center Frunzenets, the recreation center Parus, the children's recreation camp Dolphin, the recreation center Volna.


Investments in entertainment and recreation, the creation of modern resort areas

On the territory of the district there is an aquapark “Bananova Respublika”, which is the largest aquapark of Crimea. This is a modern water entertainment complex, designed in Latin American style, covers an area of 4 hectares, on which there are 25 water rides and 8 pools. The total capacity of 2.5 thousand people.

In the Saki district there are cultural heritage sites associated with the Great Patriotic War (65 sites), and an architectural monument - the house of Schlee landowner in s. Chebotarka


Large investment projects:

In the municipality - Saksky District of the Republic of Crimea, the largest amount of investments was actually made in the framework of the following projects:

  • the project “Processing of sawmill waste and the production of building materials”, initiated by LLC STROYMATERIALSERVIS - 25,751.16 thousand rubles.
  • the project “Increasing the area of sowing grain and planting fruit trees in the North-Western Crimea”, initiated by OOO Zarya - 20,000.00 thousand rubles.

Projects implemented in the framework of the free economic zone (SEZ) in the Saksky district of the Republic of Crimea:

  • project “Growing grapes, grain crops”, implemented by Legend of Crimea LLC (investment volume - 623.00 million rubles, 170 jobs created, volume of capital investments made 335,800,630.00 rubles)

Investments in fixed capital in the Saksky district of the Republic of Crimea

Investments in fixed assets in 2017 amounted to 915.941 million rubles, which is 3.2 times more than in 2016.
Based on 1 person investment amounted to - 12.020 thousand rubles.

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