Location: Russian Federation, Southern Federal District, Republic of Crimea.

Area – 1752,5 km2 (6,7% of the total territory of the republic).

Population – 163,1 thousand people.

Administrative center is Simferopol, which is not part of the district.

The municipality comprises 3 urban-type settlements (Gvardeyskoye, Nikolaevka, Molodezhnoye), 3 settlements (Shkolnoye, Aikavan, Davydovo) and 103 villages, which are combined into 22 rural settlements.

The Republic of Crimea is located in the South of Russia. Simferopol district is located in the Southwestern part of the republic and is located within the plains, steppes and foothills of the Crimea, as well as the mountainous part in the South. The district borders Saki district in the Northwest, Krasnogvardeysky district in the North, Belogorsky district in the East, Alushta city district in the South – East, Bakhchisaray district in the South and Southwest, there is a small outlet to the water area of the Kalamitsky Bay of the Black sea in the West (near the village of Nikolaevka).

District's water resources are represented by the following rivers: Salgir (the main waterway of Simferopol district), Beshterek, Kizil-Koba, and Western Bulganak.


Investment attractiveness

Industry specialization of the region: production and processing of agricultural products, sanatorium and resort complex.

Priority areas in crop production: cultivation of grain, sunflower oil seeds, vegetables, development of fruit and viticulture; in animal husbandry: dairy cattle, poultry, pig breeding.

Simferopol district takes up a leading position among the regions of the Republic of Crimea in terms of areas of fruit and berry plantations and vineyards, and is also one of the three leaders in the number of pigs and poultry and is one of the largest producers of meat and eggs in the Republic of Crimea.


Investment in agriculture

The food and processing industry of the district is represented by enterprises specializing in the production of wine and cognac, sausage, bakery, confectionery, fish, and other products.

For many years, it has been competing in the markets of "Pervomaisky Factory" LLC, specializing in the production of cognacs, brandy, and various wines.

The products of "MPC Skvortsovo" LLC are in great demand among residents of Simferopol district and the city of Simferopol. It is a large enterprise for the production of meat products and sausages, its assortment includes more than 100 types of delicious meat products, boiled, smoked and raw smoked sausages.


"Krymteplitsa" LLC is one of the leading enterprises in the Republic of Crimea for the production of protected ground vegetables. The company has its own network of retail outlets in the Crimea.

"Veles-Krym" LLC is one of the leading pig breeding enterprises in the region. The company is also engaged in the cultivation of grain, technical and other agricultural crops.

"Partizan" LLC specializes in production of food chicken eggs, cattle breeding, breeding farm for poultry and breeding plant for raising cattle of the red steppe breed of dairy productivity. The farm has a plant for the production of feed for its own needs. Grain, leguminous and forage crops are grown in the fields of enterprise.

"Don-Agro" LLC specializes in cultivation of grain, oilseeds and technical crops. Also in economy there is a greenhouse combine growing vegetables of protected ground.

"Fortuna Krym" LLC - specializes in processing and preserving fish and seafood under "Favorit" and "Prilov" trademarks. The product range is more than 40 items.


Investment in industry

In Simferopol district 15 fields of mineral raw materials for the production of building materials, including: 4 field stone building for the manufacture of the booth and gravel 2 deposits nummulitic of limestone for production of wall materials, 3 deposits of brick-tiled raw material, 2 deposits of limestone for burning into lime, 1 field of decorative-facing marbleized limestone, 1 field expanded clays, 1 bentonite clay, 2 sands building.

"Marble Quarry" LLC is engaged in the development of deposits of marbled limestone.


Investment in energetics

Tavrida Thermal Power Plant near Strogonovka, Simferopol district. In addition, there are 3 solar power plants: SPP "Rodnikovoe" with a capacity of 7,5 MW, SPP "Perovo" power 105,6 MW, SPP "Nikolaevka" power 69,7 MW.


Investment in Spa and resort business

Sanatorium-resort complex of the region represented by 22 agencies: 5 pensions ("Avangard", "Yuzhny", "Luchezarny", "Solnechny", "Energetic"), 2 hotels "Chayka" and "Orhideya", 1 hotel "Ravenna Mare", 12 recreation centers, Republican children's tuberculosis sanatorium "Opushky" and collective means of accommodation of Consumer cooperative "SKIF".

Recreation center of urban-type settlement Nikolaevka is being formed. Beaches of sand and pebbles, a gently-sloping entrance to the sea. Season continues from May to the end of September. The village has a sufficient number of retail and public catering facilities, as well as a bus station to serve passengers on regular public bus routes.



Within Simferopol district, there are three major sightseeing sites (Marble caves, Emine-Bair-Khosar and Kizil-Koba). Currently, the caves are equipped with "Sightseeing trails", speleopoints, where special equipment is rented, excursions are accompanied by specially trained guides. These objects are under control of specialists of "Centre of speleotourism "Onix-Tour and Kizil-Koba" LLC. Sightseeing sites are constantly popular among the population and guests of the republic.

In addition, the territory of Simferopol district has an interactive park "VIKING". The revived Borg (city) of the Viking age of the VIII-XI centuries was created in the Crimea near the valley of the Red caves of Kizil-Koba. Guests of the Park get into a living legend, can not only observe, but also join the life of a medieval settlement. Behind the fortress gates and palisade, the king's house, a Drakkar, an authentic market, artisans' houses, watchtowers, a smithy, an armory, a shooting range, and even a square for military training are recreated. You can try on Viking armor, fight with battle-axes, and shoot arrows.


Large investment projects:

The largest investment project is "Construction of a modern residential neighborhood "Zhigulina Roscha", in Simferopol district of the Republic of Crimea, initiated by "Capital commercial group" LLC. In the period up to 2025, it is planned to develop more than 16,2 billion rubles as a result of construction, more than 7000 apartments will be built, with a total area of about 400 thousand square meters.

Major investment projects are also being implemented:

  • construction of the residential complex "Nebo", the total investment volume is RUB 4 billion;
  • organization of a modern agricultural enterprise for laying and growing wine grapes in Skvortsovo village, the Republic of Crimea on the basis of the property of the SUE RC "Crimean Winery", the total investment volume is RUB 1.6 billion;
  • development of viticulture of the Republic of Crimea on the basis of the property complex of the "Vinogradny" plant in Simferopol district municipality of the Republic of Crimea on the basis of the property of the SUE RC "Agrokombinat "Vinogradny", the total investment volume is RUB 1 billion;
  • trade and logistics center "Mirny", the total investment volume is RUB 433.2 million;
  • logistics complex "Service-M", the total investment volume is RUB 325 million;
  • investment in the development of viticulture", initiated by "Agrofirma "Zavetnoe" LLC, initiated by "Agrofirma" LLC "Zavetnoe", the total investment volume is RUB 262.8 million.

Major projects implemented within the framework of the Free Economic Zone (FEZ) in Simferopol district

  • creation of a milk processing plant on the territory of the Republic of Crimea, the capital investment volume is RUB 700 million, 118 jobs are being created;
  • the development of viticulture in Simferopol district, the capital investment volume is RUB 98.2 million, 150 jobs are being created;
  • construction of a multifunctional sports and recreation center, the capital investment volume is RUB 94.6 million, 55 jobs are being created;
  • construction and commissioning of a poultry complex, the capital investment volume is RUB 99 million, 250 jobs are being created.

Fixed capital investment in Simferopol district of the Republic of Crimea

Investment in fixed assets for 2020 amounted to 4,9 billion rubles.
Per 1 person, the investment amounted to 29,7 thousand rubles.


Investment in housing and communal services

The following are planned for 2021-2024:

  • reconstruction of STF in Nikolaevka urban-type settlement, the estimated cost of the project is RUB 1.1 billion, the capacity is 3.5 thousand cubic meters per day;
  • construction of a water supply system in Ukromnoye village, Simferopol district, with a length of 39 km.

Investment in education

In the municipality, it is planned to:

  • construct of 3 preschool educational organizations: in Pionerskoye village for 160 places, Zarechnoye village for 160 places, Dobroye village for 230 places, the total estimated cost of the projects is RUB 833.2 million;
  • reconstruction of 2 preschool educational organizations: "Kolosok" in the village of Krasnaya Zorka and "Zvezdochka" in Novoselovka village, the total estimated cost of the projects is RUB 344.3 million;
  • construction of 2 secondary schools: in Zarechnoye village for 800 places (commissioning in 2021), and Ukromnoye village for 600 places, the total estimated cost of the projects is RUB 1.3 billion (commissioning in 2023).
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