Location: Russian Federation, Southern Federal District, Republic of Crimea.

Area – 539 km2 (2% of the total territory of the republic).

Population – 32.7 thousand people (including the city of Sudak 16.8 thousand people).

Distance from the city of Simferopol – 105 km.

Distance to the International airport – 110 km.

Distance to the Crimean Bridge – 150 km.

Urban district includes 16 settlements, including Sudak city, Novy Svet urban type village and 14 villages.


Sudak is located in the middle part of the southeastern coast of the Crimea Peninsula in a picturesque valley surrounded by relict forest and mountain silhouettes. The bay, 2 km length, closes the Alchak cape from the East, and from the West, Mount Fortress, in which locates the Genoese Fortress (1317) historical and architectural reserve.


Sudak in the West borders with the urban district of Alushta, in the Northwest with Belogorsk municipal district, in the Northeast with Kirovskiy municipal district, in the Southeast with the urban district of Feodosia. The southern and Southeastern part, 40 km long, it is located along the Black Sea.


Investment attractiveness

Sudak has a significant potential for placing new efficient production facilities and implementing investment projects of any direction and scale.

Industry specialization of the urban district: sanatorium-resort sphere and tourism, agro-industrial complex.


Investment in the health-resort industry

Sudak is one of the oldest cities in Europe, which has preserved a rich historical and cultural heritage.

Sudak is one of the five most visited resort cities in the Crimea. This is the most environmentally friendly resort and only the place in the Crimea there are beaches with light quartz sand.

Sudak has the longest swimming season in the Crimea.

Duration of the holiday season is from May to October.

There are 29 beaches in Sudak. The length is 6.5 km.

Health-resort facilities:

  • PJSC «Tourist and recreation complex «Sudak» (1246 places);
  • Pension «Krimskaya vesna» (400 places);
  • PJSC «Pension «Zvezdny» (540 places);
  • PJSC «Tourist and recreation complex «Novy Svet» (400 places);
  • Pension «Zenit» − a branch of JSC «RAC «MiG» (400 places);
  • Tourist and recreation complex «Horizont» (302 places);
  • Medical rehabilitation sanatorium of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the RF «Sokol» (205 places).

Hotel enterprises:

  • Hotel «Surozh» LLC (138 places);
  • Resort hotel «Soldaya Grand Hotel» (150 places);
  • Resort hotel «Bastion» LLC «Perspectiva» (135 places);
  • «Trading House «Rosa Vetrov» LLC (114 places);
  • «Paradisio Vintage Hotel «Novy Svet» LLC (90 places);
  • «Gostinniy dvor «Knyaz Golitsyn» LLC (130 places);
  • «Marisvet» LLC, hotel «Diva» (107 places);
  • IE V. I. Neplyuev, hotel «Triskele» (110 places).

The city district is famous for its unique natural healing resources and has the highest rating for the health-improving quality of the climate. Sudak health resorts successfully treat diseases of the respiratory system of a non-tuberculosis nature, cardiovascular and nervous systems.

The climate of Sudak is close to the Mediterranean - mild, without sudden changes in temperature. The sea warms up by the beginning of May and remains warm until mid-October. Among the plant life of Sudak there are relics: Stankevich pine, juniper.

Historical and cultural potential of the region is the basis for investment in the tourism industry.

City and its surroundings are widely known for their numerous historical and natural attractions, the main of which are the architectural monument "Sudak (Genoese) fortress of the XIV century" and the state Botanical reserve "Novy Svet".


History of the city is connected with outstanding cultural figures: artists I. K. Aivazovsky, A. N. Benois, K. F. Bogaevsky, composer A. Spendiarov, writers and poets S. Elpatyevsky, M. Voloshin, V. Khlebnikov, M. Tsvetaeva.

Cycling, mountain and green tourism is rapidly developing in Sudak. The so-called "Wine tourism", which are organized and conducted by the house of champagne wines "Novy Svet", are very popular among tourists.

All this, combined with unique natural and climatic resources, centuries and old cultural traditions, contributes to the development of Sudak city district as one of the tourist centers of the Republic of Crimea, and the availability of access to the sea allows you to develop yacht tourism.

Currently, 7 investment agreements and contracts for the construction and modernization of recreational complexes, the creation of a resort polyclinic for a total of 700 million rubles have been signed in the sanatorium and resort sector.


Investment in winemaking

Sudak is a traditional center for the development of viticulture and winemaking; it occupies the third place in vineyard area and the second place in grape harvesting among the regions of the republic. Almost all grapes are grown in agricultural enterprises. On average, more than 30 grape varieties grow in the area. The unique climate allows growing such varieties as: Bastardo Magarach, Kefesia, Kokur white, Pinot Gray, Keberne Sauvignon, White Muscat, Pink Muscat, Saperavi and others.

The main agricultural and processing enterprises of the urban district are: JSC «Factory of sparkling wines «Novy Svet», branch «Sudak» FSUE «NPJSC Massandra», branch «Morskoe» FSUE NPJSC «Massandra», JSC «Solnechnaya Dolina». Wineries produce about 26 brands of wines, including 12 dry and semi-sweet.


Sudak is the birthplace of Russian champagne. According to international experts, the champagne produced by «Novy Svet» champagne factory joint-stock company is not inferior to elite European samples.

In the field of wine-making, 4 investment agreements and agreements have been signed for the planting of vineyards and the modernization of production complexes. As part of investment projects, it is planned to attract 600 million rubles of investment.


Investment in the development of agriculture

In agriculture, 3 investment projects are being implemented for laying a walnut garden, organizing a mussel and oyster farm and implementing aquaculture of valuable fish species, developing horticulture, with subsequent storage and processing. The volume of investment in the projects will amount to 1 604 million rubles.

As a result of the projects, it is planned to produce 16 thousand tons of apples per year, 3 855 tons of walnuts, 200 tons of mussels, 550 thousand pieces of oysters.


Industry specialization

Industry specialization of the city district: agriculture (poultry, animal husbandry, vegetable growing, gardening), fisheries, tourism (development of all-year-round leisure infrastructure), alternative energy.


Large investment projects

  • development of horticulture with subsequent storage and processing on the territory of Sudak city district, the Republic of Crimea, the total investment volume is RUB 1.3 billion, 368 jobs are created;
  • the development of the adjacent territory of the gas station through the construction and operation of fast food cafes and zones automobile service, the total investment volume is RUB 150.1 million, 14 jobs are being created;
  • 2 projects for planting vineyards, wine production, the total investment is RUB 130.5 million;
  • organization of a mussel and oyster farm and the implementation of aquaculture of valuable fish species in Sudak Bay, the total investment is RUB 41.2 million, 19 jobs are being created.

Projects implemented within the framework of the Free Economic Zone

Currently, 13 contracts have been signed within the framework of the FEZ for the implementation of projects in the resort and recreational sphere, agriculture, trade and restaurant management. Within the framework of investment projects, it is planned to attract RUB 378.6 million, 343 jobs will be created. Major investment projects implemented in the framework of the FEZ:

  • the creation of the "Sudak" apart-hotel, the capital investment volume is RUB 380.3 million, 30 jobs are being created;
  • creation and development of a modern hotel complex in Sudak, the capital investment volume is RUB 90 million, 10 jobs are being created;
  • modernization and development of the production complex "Sunny Valley", the capital investment volume is RUB 35.5 million, 48 jobs are being created;
  • development of the tourist and recreation complex "Sudak", the investment volume is RUB 34.3 million, 10 jobs are being created;
  • modernization and development of the wine-making complex of the State Unitary Enterprise of the Republic of Crimea "ZSHV "Novy Svet", the investment volume: RUB 31.1 million, 4 jobs are being created.

Investment in fixed capital for the city of Sudak, the Republic of Crimea

Investment in fixed assets in 2020 amounted to 872.2 million rubles.
Based on 1 person investment amounted to 26.9 thousand rubles.


Investment in education

Construction is underway in the region to improve the situation in the field of education:

  • construction is underway: a general education school in the village of Veseloye for 250 places (the planned development will be RUB 974.8 million);
  • 3 kindergartens in Sudak for 260 places and 140 places, in Morskoye village for 140 places (the planned development will be RUB 850.5 million).

Investment in housing and communal services

For 2020 planned:

  • reconstruction of the SPIT in Mindalnoe village (the estimated cost of the project is RUB 2.5 billion) and the reconstruction of the sewage supply system in Sudak (the estimated cost of the project is RUB 1.3 billion).
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