Bakhchysarai Industrial Park

Creation of special-purpose industrial sites – industrial parks (IP) is one of the most efficient tools in the industrial policy. Development of IP is the most attractive form of government incentives for industry development allowing working out key methods of support for small and medium-sized business and investment attracting.

It is planned to create Bakhchisarai Industrial Park on the area of Bakhchisarai municipal settlement, Bakhchisarai District, Republic of Crimea over the area of 97,25 ha. The land plot is located within the boundaries of Bakhchisarai municipal settlement. Under Regulation of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Crimea dated November 22, 2016, No. 1473-r "On Provision of the Land Plot into Permanent (Perpetual) Use" the land titleholder is the Ministry of Economic Development of the Republic of Crimea.

Location Bakhchisarai,
Republic of Crimea
Ownership Ministry of Economic Development of the Republic of Crimea
Area 97,25 ha

The area intended for placement of the Industrial Park in Bakhchisarai municipal settlement is clear of buildings or structures and is not used. Next to the west boundary of the Industrial Park there is a motorway of regional significance "Simferopol – Bakhchysarai – Sevastopol" to be included into the list of public motorways of federal significance of the Russian Federation – "Tavrida" motorway. Entry and exit into the area of the Industrial Park will be performed in its northern and southern parts through checkpoints.

The industrial park is created for sustainable social and economic development of the region through formation of modern production sites, which are attractive for investors and residents willing to start a business and develop competitive production. The industrial park is formed to increase investment attractiveness of the region – it is the industrial area on which all engineering and transport infrastructure essential for business development is created and sought-after services – logistics, consulting, and organizational – are also provided.

The basis for IP implementation includes minimal infrastructural and engineering restrictions, good logistics, minimal legal risks, and human resources.

The Bakhchisarai District has favorable geographical location, which is advantageous in many respects. Bakhchisarai's location between two largest cities in Crimea and its close proximity to the south coast of Crimea suggest relevance of this district as of a production center and a logistics hub.

General improvement of the IP site involves placement of an administrative and amenity building, two checkpoints, sewage treatment plant for household and storm discharge, fire-engine house to ensure fire safety of enterprises, two electrical substations, water supply and sewage facilities, parking space for truck transport for 50 car-places, parking space for 150 car-places, as well as service station.

As a result of the expert analysis of prerequisites for IP creation, the multi-purpose industrial park is meant to focus on the following business areas:

  • production of construction materials from domestic raw materials;
  • production of construction materials of a wide range – concrete products;
  • production of housing sets – house-building factory;
  • production of ceramic foam panels;
  • industrial warehouse facility for small and medium-sized business entities;
  • production of concrete and concrete products, bitumen mixing plants.

The selection of industry sectors is conditioned by environmental safety, as the site is located in the close proximity to the cement production having the sanitary zone of 1 km.

The IP design anticipates the following resource consumption:

Electric power supply43,41 mW
Gas supply 3 708,10 m3/hour
Water supply 3 961,40 m3/day
(max 165,05 m3/hour)
Water discharge 2 865,15 m3/day

The labor market analysis suggests availability of unused human resources. So, as of 01.01.2013 the number of people employed in all areas of economic activities is 21.5 thousand people or 34% of the total number of able-bodied population in the region (63.2 thousand people).

Creation of the Industrial Park is considered as one of the tools to promote the economic activity in the region targeted primarily for projects of small and medium-sized business to ensure:

  • rise in the investment appeal and inflow of investments;
  • simplification of a procedure for access to land plots;
  • low administrative risks;
  • provision of certain incentives and preferences;
  • output cost reduction through effective logistics;
  • creation of high-performance jobs;
  • rise in tax revenues to budgets of all levels;
  • overall economic growth.

The amount of capital investments from the budget system of the Russian Federation, prescribed under Federal Target Program "Social and Economic Development of the Republic of Crimea for the Period up to 2020" is RUB 1,983.23 million.

Following the project implementation, in the 10th year of operation the created industrial undertakings and service enterprises are expected to provide:

Revenues in the amount of RUB 4229.0 million
Taxes RUB 1186.1 million
Number of jobs to be created 3 000

The payback period on budget expenditures for IP development is 4,36 years. Annual additional tax revenues exceed total initial budget expenditures. All of this characterizes the project under consideration as a good investment of budget resources.

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