Industrial Park «Feodosia»

The Creation of «Feodosia» Industrial Park is carried out in accordance with the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation dated 11.08.2014 № 790 «On approval of the Federal target program» Socio-economic development of the Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol until 2022» and amounts to 1 942,7 million rubles .

The creation of specialized industrial sites – industrial parks (IP) is one of the most effective tools of industrial policy. The development of IP is the most attractive form of government incentives for industrial development, which allows you to work out the key points of supporting small and medium-sized business and attracting investment in a certain territory.

The creation of «Feodosia» Industrial Park is planned to take place on an area of 122,3 ha. The type of park is greenfield. The land plot is located on the territory of the city district of Feodosia, 2.5 km Northwest of the village of Nasypnoye. From the South-West, the highway 35K-003 «Simferopol-Feodosia» adjoins the site, from which the main entrance to the territory of Industrial Park is carried out through a checkpoint.

The territory of Industrial Park is located in the Western part of the territory of Feodosia, on the border with Kirovsky district. The site of the planned IP construction is free from development and forest plantations.

Territory Feodosia
Ownership State
Area 122,3 ha

The purpose of creating an IP is to ensure sustainable socio-economic development of the region based on the formation of modern production sites that are attractive for the investors and residents who want to create a business and develop competitive production. The industrial park is formed in order to increase the investment attractiveness of the region. It is the territory of an industrial zone where all the necessary engineering and transport infrastructure is created for business development, as well as providing services that are in demand by entrepreneurs – logistics, consulting and organizational.



The basis for IP implementation is minimal infrastructure and engineering restrictions, good logistics, minimal legal risks and human resources.

Feodosia plays a special role in the Crimean cargo turnover, being the junction of all transport corridors between Crimea and Russia. Feodosia transport hub is located in the East of Crimea between the port of Kerch and Simferopol. It is one of the key points of road and rail traffic in the Republic of Crimea from Russia. From Feodosia, highways diverge to the North (Dzhankoy), South and South-West (Koktebel and the Southern coast of Crimea) and West (Simferopol).

The distance to the Federal highway «Tavrida» is12 km
Distance to the regional highway "Simferopol-Feodosia" is0 km
Distance to Simferopol international airport named
after I. K. Aivazovsky is
120 km
Distance to "Feodosia" railway station is 14 km
Distance to Feodosia commercial port is 14 km
Distance to Kerch commercial sea port is 120 km

The increase in traffic flow from the Russian mainland creates prerequisites for the development of transport infrastructure and the creation of logistics centers. Feodosia is a key point in the logistics corridor, which will be strengthened by the construction of the Federal highway «Kerch-Feodosia-Belogorsk - Simferopol-Bakhchisarai-Sevastopol», near the land plot of Industrial Park.

  • Urban-type settlement − Belogorsk − 62 km;
  • Urban-type settlement − Koktebel – 14 km;
  • Kerch − 110 km;
  • Simferopol − 110 km;
  • Sudak − 45 km;
  • Feodosia – 14 km.

This is the optimal choice for the location of a Logopark and / or wholesale distribution center (on Kerch-Simferopol, Kerch-Yalta highway), at the fork of the busiest roads.


The main entrance is from the highway of regional significance 35K-003 «Simferopol-Feodosia». Along all roads and driveways, landscaping is provided, taking into account the passage of transport and engineering communications.

The remoteness of the territory under consideration from residential areas allows you to organize sanitary zones up to 500 meters.

For land plots intended for housing residents of Industrial Park, the following type of permitted use of land plots is established-production activities (code 6.0).



Providing the object with engineering infrastructure:

  • Power supply to consumers of Industrial Park will be provided from substations throughput capacity 110/35/10 kW;
  • Gas supply to the Park is provided by natural gas, which will come from Feodosia gas station;
  • The Park's water supply is provided from the planned external centralized water supply networks;
  • Domestic sewerage of domestic waste water from industrial and administrative areas of the Park is provided for local treatment facilities;
  • Rainwater sewerage – a project is being provided for removing runoff from the common area of the industrial zone to treatment facilities with storage tanks of Sewage Pumping Station.
The IP project provides for the following resource consumption
Electric power supply20 mW
Gas supply 3 662 m3/hour
Water supply371 m3/day
Sewerage284 m3/day

Creation of Industrial Park is considered as one of the tools to promote the economic activity in the region targeted primarily for projects of small and medium-sized business to ensure:

  • rise in the investment appeal and inflow of investments;
  • simplification of a procedure for access to land plots;
  • low administrative risks;
  • provision of certain incentives and preferences;
  • output cost reduction through effective logistics;
  • creation of high-performance jobs;
  • rise in tax revenues to budgets of all levels;
  • overall economic growth.

Potential residents of Industrial Park

«Astra Global Management» LLC - logistics complex.

  • The volume of investments – 1 500 million rubles;
  • The Number of jobs – 200;
  • The need for a land plot – 20 ha.

«FORMPLAST» LLC - production of polymers.

  • The volume of investments – 100 million rubles;
  • The Number of jobs – 20;
  • The need for a land plot – 2,5 ha.

«GLOBALPAK» LLC - production of polymer packaging.

  • The volume of investments – 250 million rubles;
  • The Number of jobs – 35;
  • The need for a land plot – 2,5 ha.

«Kraft SD» LLC - brewery with a logistics warehouse complex.

  • The volume of investments – 20 million rubles;
  • The Number of jobs – 20;
  • The need for a land plot – 2 ha.

«Modern facade systems» LLC - plant of aluminium profiles.

  • The volume of investments – 4 195 million rubles;
  • The Number of jobs – 300;
  • The need for a land plot – 5 ha.

The Park's occupancy rate by residents is 35 %.

Проект планировки территории "Индустриального парка Бахчисарай"

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