Requirements for a FEZ Participant and an Investment Project


Requirements for a Participant of the Free Economic Zone (FEZ)
  • registration in the Republic of Crimea
  • registration with a tax authority

The FEZ participants are not entitled to operate in the subsurface management sector for the purposes of mineral exploration and extraction, as well as deposit development on the continental shelf of the Russian Federation.


Requirements for an Investment Project:
  • amount of capital investments for the first 3 years:
    • not less than RUB 3 million for small and medium-sized business
    • not less than RUB 30 million for others
  • implementation territory - Republic of Crimea


Grounds for refusal to amend the agreement for the operation environment in the FEZ:
  • change of investment project objective;
  • carrying out any activity inconsistent with the requirements of parts 2 and 3 of article 12 of Federal Law No.377-FZ dated November 29, 2014 "Concerning Development of the Crimean Federal District and the Free Economic Zone in the Territory of the Republic of Crimea and the City with Federal Status Sevastopol";
  • fall in the total amount of capital investments;
  • any changes in the annual capital investments schedule during the first three years of an investment project implementation; and
  • change of an investment project implementation territory.


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