"Arena-Krym" LLC


The amount of investment in the project is 180 million rubles. It is planned to create about 86 jobs.




"Arena-Krym" LLC is implementing an investment project "Construction and operation of multi-purpose sports complex "Arena-Krym", in Yevpatoria.

It has already been built a stadium with a track and field core and it is being operated. The stadium includes one standard field with 6 running tracks, bleachers for spectators and one mini football stadium.

They are held mass sports and cultural events of the highest European level on the territory of "Arena-Krym" sports complex. All year round, the complex hosts football teams of the Premier League; first and second League for training camps, as well as twice a year holds major youth football tournaments "Arena Yevpatoria Cup" on its fields.

Also, within the framework of the project, it is planned to build a multifunctional 7-storey recreation and hotel complex with sports halls for rhythmic gymnastics, boxing, martial arts, a medical and rehabilitation building to restore the functionality of athletes, a 3-star hotel with 120 double rooms for athletes, a dining room (restaurant) to feed the residents.