«Factory of vintage wines Koktebel» LLC

The amount of declared investment in the project is 1,4 billion rubles. The implementation of the investment project will create 445 jobs.




"Factory of vintage wines Koktebel" LLC is being implemented, an investment project in the Eastern Crimea.

The investor updated production base of the enterprise, in particular, purchased technological equipment, increased the capacity park, launched a new blending shop, and planned to launch a new bottling line. It has been purchased equipment and new vineyards are planted annually in the field of agriculture.

Modern factory "Koktebel" is famous for its unique wines. In large measure it depends on the favorable climatic conditions and fertile soil.

Continuing work on modernization and restoration, the plant already produces and sells finished products. Now there is a full cycle of production from harvesting and processing of the crop to the subsequent long-term barrel aging of wine in multi-meter tunnels, the total length of which exceeds 1,5 thousand kilometers.