Greenhouse complex Belogorsky

Белогорский район


Project start: 
Greenhouse Complex Belogorsky LLC
Volume of investment: 
RUB 3.9 billion

In early 2020, a greenhouse complex was launched, and the first stage of a high-tech greenhouse complex with an area of 8.1 hectares. was put into operation. The total area of the project will be 16.24 hectares. Investments in the first stage of the project amounted to RUB 2.21 billion. The second stage was launched in November 2021.


Since the launch of the first stage of the Belogorsky high-tech greenhouse complex, 200 tons of tomatoes have been harvested. The tomato producer has grown about 300 tons of its own products since the beginning of 2021. The greenhouse plant is the largest Crimean producer of tomatoes.


Products from the enterprise are already shipped both to the mainland of Russia and to the retail chains of the Republic of Crimea. More than 10 contracts have been signed for the supply of tomatoes to retail chains located on the peninsula. In the future, Crimean tomatoes are planned to be exported, since just 20–30% of the produce will fully cover the needs of Crimeans and guests of the Republic.


The most modern technical solutions are used in the production. Thanks to this, the greenhouse plant of the fifth generation harvests 100 kg/sq. m.


Currently, 250 people work in greenhouses. After the complex reaches full capacity, about 400 people will be employed there.



The development of greenhouse production is subject to special control of federal and regional authorities. Over recent years, support has been provided from the republican budget of Crimea to reimburse a part of the energy costs for greenhouse complexes. On average, during the year it is provided in the amount of RUB 2.5 to 3 per kilogram of manufactured products.