Laying of a garden for 120 ha and arrangement of 125 ha storage tanks for drip irrigation

Кировский район

Since the start of investment project, the volume of investments has amounted to 1,1 billion rubles. Now, the number of employees is 80 people – experienced agronomists and experts in the field of growing, careful storage and transportation of fruits.




"Fruit of Stary Krym" LLC implements its investment project on the territory of Kirovsky region.

The main activity of the company is growing and selling apples using intensive technology produced in the Crimea. Seedlings specially grown in nurseries in Italy, Belgium, and the Crimea are used for laying new gardens.

In 2019, company introduced the 1st and 2nd stages of a fruit storage construction facility for 3 500 tons.

In 2020-2021, it is planned to build and put into operation a fruit storage facility for 12 500 tons, which will be equipped with a controlled gas environment system, it will permit to extend the shelf life of products up to a year.