Crimean Soda Plant: a time of new prospects

Crimea Development Corporation
28 December 2020

Crimean Soda Plant, along with other regional "Giants", makes up the industrial potential of the Republic of Crimea, providing residents of a small city with a permanent job, and the budget with stable tax deductions. Our magazine found out how the plant is developing today and in what areas investment are being made.


Flagship production

Joint-stock company "Crimean Soda Plant" is one of the largest enterprises of the Republic of Crimea. The plant is located in the North of the Crimean Peninsula in the city of Krasnoperekopsk and is one of the Russian flagships of the production of soda ash and baking soda. Production capacity of sodium bicarbonate, baking soda is 20 thousand tons per year.

The plant produces not only baking soda, but also soda ash, which is the main product of soda production. It is available in two types: heavy-brand "A" and light-brand "B". The greatest use of soda ash is found in the production of glass. It is also used in the metallurgical, chemical, petrochemical, pulp and paper, electronic industry, in the production of consumer goods for household purposes.

Crimean soda production is the only one in the world that produces more than 5 million m3 of brine from a natural reservoir per year. Salt brine is a component of the final product and the basis for the production of food salt, which is also produced at the Crimean Soda Plant.

In addition, the company is engaged in the production of sand, crushed stone, anthracite, lime, distiller liquid and household chemicals.


Half a century of development

The construction of the Crimean Soda Plant, which began in 1967, was included in the eighth five-year plan for the development of the national economy in the USSR. In 1973, the production capacity of 698 thousand tons per year was put into operation.

The history of the company is no less complex and eventful as the history of our large state. There were all the ups and downs. Powerful development in the Soviet period was replaced by the decline of the 90s. The energy blockade in modern history after 2014 was also a difficult test for all workers.

Despite everything, the plant managed to gain fame as one of the largest producers of soda ash and baking soda. The quality characteristics of the produced soda allowed us to export to Europe, Asia, America,  Africa and consistently cooperate with well-known world-class companies.


Investment in modernization

Drastic changes in the modern life of the company occurred after the arrival in 2018 of a new management team led by General Director Alexander Dzyubchuk. From this moment, real changes have been launched. First, the task is to restore production capacities to the planned level, repair and update the main technological equipment. An investment program has been developed and approved for both the medium-term and long-term periods.

"The plant keeps pace with the dynamically developing economy of the Republic of Crimea. Only in 2019, investment in production exceeded 301 million rubles, and this year, with a plan of 568 million rubles, 300 million have already been spent. The investment budget for 2021 is set at 819 million rubles, " said Alexander Dzyubchuk, General Director of Crimean Soda Plant JSC.

The head of the company noted that among the most significant investment measures included the replacement and modernization of the main technological equipment. The main objectives of the renewal program are to ensure the possibility of achieving a new level of production, which is one and a half times higher than planned and stable trouble-free production. Special attention in the investment plans is paid to measures to reduce the negative impact on the environment. In the near future, the installation of an automated system for industrial environmental monitoring will be launched.

After many years of operation, the company's fixed assets require repair. Significant funds are also allocated for this purpose. Major repairs of technological pipelines, lime furnaces, roofs of the furnace block and main shop buildings, boiler units, shut-off valves, pumping equipment and much more — 712 million rubles were allocated and spent for all this in 2019, 1200 million rubles in 2020, 712 million rubles have already been spent. In 2021, it is planned to allocate 900 million rubles for repair work.


In Crimea and the world

Crimean Soda Plant has been and remains the city-forming enterprise of the city of Krasnoperekopsk since its formation, and this is an integral part of the activities of the company's labor collective and shareholders aimed at solving important tasks of the city. Therefore, in the autumn-winter period, the company heats most of the residential buildings and municipal social facilities of Krasnoperekopsk. Throughout its history, Krym Soda, as it is called by local residents, has been a sponsor of many municipal programs and events in the social sphere. Today,  "Crimean Soda Plant"  JSC is gradually regaining its position in the economy not only of the Republic of Crimea, but also among the world producers of soda ash. Along with the processes of updating the production equipment, the schemes and strategy for the sale of manufactured products were revised, the goals of mastering export supplies were set, which becomes relevant with an increase in production. And this is just the beginning. The company's management faces difficult tasks ahead. The general attitude of the labor collective, the management, and the government of the Republic of Crimea instills confidence that they will certainly be resolved.


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