Preferential loans and tax cuts: Dmitry Sheryako reported on the work of the Ministry in 2020

Министерство экономического развития Республики Крым
15 February 2021

Preferential loans, tax cuts and other measures have helped entrepreneurs from the affected industries to continue to work and develop in the period of the pandemic. Minister of Economic Development of the Republic of Crimea Dmitry Sheryako made a report on the results of the work of the Ministry and subordinate organizations in 2020 at a meeting of the Committee on Economic Policy, Industry and Business development. The Deputy Chairman of the State Council of the Republic of Crimea Alla Ponomarenko and the Chairman of the Committee Oksana Dobrorez chaired the meeting.

"In 2020, the issue of supporting small and medium-sized businesses had paramount importance due to the deterioration of the economic situation as a result of the spread of coronavirus infection. The active work of all business support institutions allowed Crimea to enter the top three regions of the Russian Federation in terms of the number of types of business support affected by the coronavirus pandemic according to the rating of the National Rating Agency," said the minister.

Thus, in the past year, 84.5 thousand small and medium-sized businesses operated in the Crimea. There is also a new preferential form of taxation-self-employed citizens. By the end of 2020, their number in the region reached 12 thousand, today this figure is 14.3 thousand tax payers.

Due to the republican budget and the federal subsidy, the capitalization of the Entrepreneurship Microfinance Fund of the Republic of Crimea exceeded RUB 2 billion. 692 soft loans were received by SMEs, saving thousands of jobs.

As a measure of support, the commission for the provision of guarantees has been reduced by 2 times – to 0.5% - the rate for the services of the Crimean Guarantee Fund has been reduced. In 2020, 117 guarantees for RUB 808.3 million were provided.

Regional Leasing Company of the Republic of Crimea concluded 48 leasing agreements in 2020 for a total amount of RUB 392.3 million.

At a preferential rate of 0 to 2%, loans were also issued by Crimean banks for such purposes as restoring business, paying salaries to employees.

The regional subsidy for partial compensation of the costs of maintaining employment and remuneration of their employees in the amount of the minimum wage has been received by 13.4 thousand business entities in the amount of RUB 1.540 million.

Another measure of support was the reduction of taxes, exemption or reduction of rent for April, May, June. Such indirect support reached RUB 4.9 billion.

In 2020, 32 thousand consultations were provided on the site of the "House of Entrepreneurs", 363 events were held, and 4.511 SMEs were trained.

The Crimean State Entrepreneurship Support Fund has formed a register of social entrepreneurs, which currently includes 36 entities.

Another area of work is the implementation of the investment policy. In 2020, 34 new investment projects were considered. 199 investment projects with an investment volume of about RUB 153 billion are being implemented. More than RUB 84 billion have already been invested, and about 7 thousand jobs have been created. Crimea Development Corporation implements all investment projects.

Thus, in 2020, the Republic of Crimea increased its position in the National Rating of the Investment Climate by 18 points – from 61st to 43rd place, and rose to 21st positions in the rating of the subjects of the Russian Federation in terms of PPP development, taking 44th place.

As of January 01, 2021, the number of existing agreements on the terms of activity in the FEZ is 1329.  In 2020, investment in the amount of 21 billion rubles were made, of which 16.5 billion rubles were invested, and about 4 thousand jobs were created.

Within the framework of national projects in the territory of the republic, the Ministry of Economic Development of the Republic of Crimea implemented five regional projects: improving the business environment, expanding the access of SMEs to financial resources, including concessional financing, accelerating small and medium-sized businesses, promoting entrepreneurship, and labor productivity.


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