Real estate property investment

Crimea Development Corporation
20 October 2020

Crimea is expending, attracting new specialists from other regions and enabling local residents to develop. The motto: "Live, study, relax and work in the Crimea" is becoming more and more relevant. Comfortable conditions are necessary for its implementation. First of all, it is the availability of convenient modern housing.

Today, there is a rapid positive trend in the housing construction sector. Since 2015, the growth of housing commissioning has been 3.1%. Thus, in 2015, this figure was 252.6, in 2018 — 775, and in 2019 — 800 thousand square meters.

However, demand in the housing market of the Republic of Crimea remains at a very high level, while significantly exceeding the supply. This situation encourages potential developers. A number of legislative measures and special conditions for implementing investment projects in the region set a high bar for companies that want to enter the region with their proposals. One of the large-scale projects for the construction of a housing complex, which is supported by the Crimea Development Corporation, is being implemented in Yevpatoria.

Yevpatoria residential complex is the first comfort — class residential complex in one of the oldest cities in Crimea, it meets all the strict parameters of this category. Namely, the ceiling height of apartments — at least 2.7 meters, the average area of the apartment — 45 square meters, kitchens — at least 12, monolithic frame or brickwork, energy efficiency — not lower than class B. In addition, the number of parking spaces — at least 0.7 per apartment, round-the-clock security. Special attention should be paid to the location of the complex, its appearance and infrastructure. The investor does not plan to make another uncomfortable "birdhouse", instead he preferred a small and medium-rise residential development with effective public space and a closed courtyard. In recent years, this European practice has been actively implemented in Russia.

"Our residential complex is a comfort class real estate property. It is located just two kilometers from the purest Kalamita Bay. The complex is designed in a classic Italian style and creates an image of the historical development of Yevpatoria. Landscape design, decorative elements, shopping facilities, recreation areas are planned on the territory. The yard will be closed to traffic and parking — this will create additional space for adults to relax and socialize, playgrounds for children and landscaping. The Central square of the residential complex will placed a fountain and a clock tower, which will give the quarter the image of an ancient European city. For the decoration of the common areas we use only high quality materials. Our goal is to offer the best housing in the Western Crimea", said Andrey Fedorov, sales Director of the residential complex Yevpatoria.

On the territory of the residential complex there will be a kindergarten, a school — within walking distance. Complex includes more than 100 commercial objects — in fact, it is a full-fledged neighborhood with developed infrastructure. Distance to the sea is only 15 minutes on foot, and the strategic Simferopol International Airport can be reached by car in half an hour. Delivery of the first stage of the residential complex for 102 apartments is planned for 2021. In total, the complex is designed for 854 apartments. Today, sales of apartments ranging from 33 to 107 square meters in 4-, 5 - and 6-storey buildings are already underway. Developer offers a wide variety of layouts: apartments with terraces on the top floors or apartments with a separate entrance and a private garden on the ground floor. There are options for apartments with or without finishing, as well as fully furnished. Commercial real estate is also available for sale. In the first stage, 16 premises with an area of 45 to 103 square meters are planned.

In addition, the residential complex is one of the first in the Crimea to be built in accordance with new changes in Federal law-214, which protects the funds of shareholders. Thus,  investor of the residential complex "Yevpatoria" uses a bank loan for construction, and the funds of the shareholders are in special escrow accounts of the bank until the house is put into operation. If the developer does not fulfill its obligations, the house will be completed by the bank at its own expense. You can also buy housing under a preferential mortgage at 6.5% per annum.

The agreement on the construction of the facility was personally signed by the Head of the Republic of Crimea Sergey Aksenov at the Russian Investment Forum "Sochi-2016". The declared investment volume for the project is 2.6 billion rubles. The developer of the residential complex is a company from St. Petersburg with 20 years of experience in the construction industry.


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