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Crimea Development Corporation
25 December 2020

Crimea is a resort, health improvement, eco-friendly fruits and vegetables. But, Crimea is also a developed infrastructure, new production facilities and industry. However, given the uniqueness of the Peninsula, modern industrialists set themselves the task of preserving nature and protecting Crimeans from the harmful effects of production processes. "Invest in Crimea" magazine found out how the Armenian Branch of "Titanium Investment" LLC is expanding production and implementing an environmental "Road map".

The largest branch in Eastern Europe

In the North of Crimea, the single-industry town of Armyansk is home to the largest producer of titanium dioxide in Eastern Europe. Officially, the company has been operating since December 1969, when the first stage of the sulfuric acid shop was put into operation. To date, the organizational structure of the plant includes two main production workshops with a design capacity of 40 thousand tons of titanium dioxide per year each, a complex of auxiliary units and an administrative and management cluster.

The main activity of the company is the production of titanium dioxide. The plant also produces mineral fertilizers, sulfuric acid, red pigments, aluminum sulfate, iron vitriol and other related products.


City-forming enterprise

The company maintains partnership relations with the city administration in the economic sphere, is an active participant in the implementation of innovative municipal programs, including in the municipal and social sectors. The branch provides assistance to socially vulnerable segments of the population, allocates additional funds for cultural and sports events. In its activities, the Armenian Branch of  "Titanium Investment"  LLC adheres to a progressive social policy.

"The plant has a collective agreement between the administration and the labor collective represented by a specialized trade union organization. Employees of the Branch are provided with a guaranteed social package. The company employs almost 4 thousand people, which is 66% of the working population of the municipality", said  Director of the Branch Eduard Kurmachev.

The collective agreement stipulates the provision of annual material assistance to factory workers, as well as additional material assistance to workers in urgent need and veterans. In addition, among the priority social areas are the development of sports in the team, holding cultural events, organizing leisure and recreation for factory workers and their families.

The Armenian Branch of "Titanium Investment" LLC is a city and budget - forming enterprise for the municipality of the city district of Armyansk. The fullness of the municipal budget depends on its financial and economic activities. The share of chemical production of the Branch is 99.7% of the total production of the city.

The company plans to build a new modern workshop for the production of titanium dioxide, which will increase the production of basic products to 200 thousand tons per year and expand the customer network.


Environmental safety

Today, the Armenian Branch of "Titanium investment" LLC implements investment projects aimed at developing domestic production potential and ensuring environmental safety policy. They are included in the profile medium — long-term program of the Branch an action Plan ("Road map") to modernize capacities and minimize the impact of the company's activities on the environment. The document was adopted in November 2018 in coordination with the leadership of the Republic of Crimea and the relevant authorized services and departments.

The environmental "Road map" consists of 8 points. The most ambitious of them is the construction of a station for neutralizing acidic effluents. Construction of the plant started in December 2019.

"One of the main points of implementation of the ecological "Road map" is the construction of a station for neutralizing acidic effluents. It will ensure the utilization of acidic effluents from TiO production. In addition, the second section of the complex will produce commercial gypsum and dry building mixes, which are planned to be sold in the domestic market of the Russian Federation in the future. On August 28, 2020, commissioning works were carried out on line A of the neutralization station, and today industrial tests are being conducted there", said Eduard Kurmachev, Director of the branch.

An equally important point of the document is the creation of a "hydraulic seal " of an acid accumulator. To date, 8 wells to a depth of 75 m and 12 wells to the middle Miocene aquifer (250 m) have been drilled and put into operation in accordance with the received licenses for the use of subsurface resources. The total capacity of the wells is 83,000 m3 per day.

In addition, the "Road map" includes research and design work on the reconstruction of the acid accumulator, the reconstruction of the chemical water treatment system of the boiler shop of the enterprise, the organization of environmental monitoring in the zone of influence of the enterprise.

In general, the implementation of the "Road map" is calculated until 2022, the costs of AB LLC "Titanium investment" for these purposes will exceed 1.2 billion rubles.


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