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Crimean magazine
17 November 2020

Investing in sports is an investment in the health and future of a nation. "Crimean magazine" will tell you about the most relevant investment projects that are being implemented in the Crimea.




Tennis courts of the sports and health complex "Nelson"


We shall start with the object in Simferopol - sports and recreation complex "Nelson". The agreement on the project implementation was signed by the Crimean Government and an investor, "Sport-invest" LLC, in November 2015. To date, the construction of a two-level tennis complex has already been completed. On the lower floor there are playgrounds for the youngest Crimeans who are taking their first steps in sports. There are also comfortable changing rooms, showers, administrative offices, rooms for storing equipment and tables for table tennis. On the second floor there are four professional tennis courts with a ground coating. In the future, the center will have a rehabilitation room, where athletes will restore their physical shape under the supervision of specialists. The tennis club for children on the basis of the complex is still working in the format of sections, about 100 children are engaged in them. In the future, after the completion of construction, a children's and youth sports school will be created.

– We have well-qualified coaches who lead children from initial training to the level of professional athletes, said Director of the sports complex Valery Lyubich. As part of the social obligations assumed, an investor allocates time for free classes with a coach to capable children from low-income and large families. An investor also subsidizes professional athletes 8-10 years who are engaged in the center. They train for free on the courts and represent Simferopol club in various city and national competitions. Another sports complex building is currently under construction. It will house a 500 m2 foot gym, swimming pool, SPA complex. Sections for swimming classes will be opened on the basis of the center. Under the agreement, an investor undertakes to provide free training time for children's sports schools.

Project passport:

The amount of declared investment is 403 million 406 thousand rubles. Project implementation period is 5 years. Investor plans to create 48 jobs and compensate expenses in six years. Tax deductions to the Republican and city budgets during this time will amount to 9 million 762 thousand rubles. Two plots were allocated for the construction of the company in Simferopol, on Gurzufskaya street, with an area of 12,1 and 2,1 hectares.




Model of multifunctional sports complex "Fatherland of Crimea"


The next two projects are being implemented in the children's health resort – Yevpatoria. One of them is the creation and development of the All-Russian database on Judo and Sambo "Fatherland". The initiator of the project is the club of martial arts "Fatherland Crimea", developer – "Atlant-group" LLC.

In General, the multifunctional health and fitness complex is aimed at athletes engaged in martial arts. These are Judo, Sambo, Jujutsu, Karate, MMA, Grappling, Kickboxing and others, said Alexey Grishakin, General Director of "Fatherland Crimea" society. In addition to the types of wrestling listed above, it is planned to organize spaces for powerlifting, armlifting, and kettlebell lifting. There is no complex similar to Yevpatoria in terms of functionality in the entire Southern Federal District. The martial arts center will be located in a two-level building. The ground floor will be equipped with three full-fledged tatami mats with bleachers, a Boxing and MMA ring. On the second floor there is a gym, bleachers, technical rooms, three judo carpets that can be transformed for any type of wrestling, a workout area, a football field and an outdoor swimming pool.

Passport of the object:

The total amount of capital investment is 25 million rubles. In the first three years of the project, the investor must create at least 5 jobs and pay 7,6 million rubles of taxes to the budgets of all levels over 10 years. For the creation of a sports center, land was allocated in the resort area of Yevpatoria - on the shore of lake Moinaki. The total area of the plot is 4350 m2. A complex of 2200 m2 will be built on it, which can simultaneously accommodate 823 people for full-fledged water polo classes. Also at the disposal of athletes and guests will be a hostel, hotel, food outlets, sporting goods stores, sports center, parking. – Our club trains children from low-income and large families, orphans for free. We provide them with equipment, pay for the work of coaches, conduct training camps at our own expense and send wrestlers to competitions. We also work with children from disadvantaged families. The task of the "Fatherland Crimea" society is to gather such children and give them the opportunity to realize themselves in life by introducing them to sports, – says the Director of the martial arts society.




Football fields «Arena-Crimea»


The second project being implemented in Yevpatoria is the construction of a multifunctional sports complex "Arena-Crimea", the main focus of which is football. The initiator of the project, "Arena-Crimea" LLC, signed an agreement with the government of the Republic in October 2015.

Passport of the object:

The cost of the investment project is 180 million rubles, including 132 million capital investment. The implementation period is 5 years, the number of declared jobs is 86. Over five years from the start of the project, the investor will contribute 37 million 709 thousand rubles of taxes to the Federal and Republican budgets.


Sergey Aksyonov, Head of the Republic of Crimea:

"The Republic of Crimea has risen in the rating of investment attractiveness of regions, which is prepared by the Agency for strategic initiatives, by 18 positions at once – from 61 to 43 place. Currently, the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Crimea has concluded 183 investment agreements for 156,2 billion rubles. As a result of their implementation, 13,3 thousand jobs will be created. I believe that this is the result of consistent and systematic work of the Republic's authorities in the field of investment policy. In particular, the investment law was adopted, which defined the Crimea Development Corporation as a specialised organization for working with investors. This is one of the key measures."

Today, the construction of the multifunctional sports complex is completed. It includes four large football fields two with natural lawns and two with artificial turf, three mini-fields for playing football with artificial turf, a multifunctional basketball and volleyball court, a zone for passing the RWD standards, a sports core with steeplechase tracks, high jump and pole vault, three blocks of stands for 1462 seats. Under them are locker rooms, showers, bathrooms, coaching and medical offices. A 7-storey building was also put into operation. It houses double and triple rooms for athletes, a fitness center, a hall for martial arts and aerobics, conference rooms, a dining room and kitchen, a medical unit, a laundry room, rooms for coaches and administrative staff. In the near future, a sauna complex will be equipped. The investor, as part of its social obligations, provides pupils of children's schools in Yevpatoria with hours for free training on football fields and participates in the organization of city sports events.


Dmitry Sheryako, Minister of Economic development of the Republic of Crimea:

"In the first half of 2020, Crimea Development Corporation concluded 77 agreements with investors on the selection of investment sites, and 51 more agreements continue to work on the selection of suitable sites. 8 investors have already decided to implement investment projects in the region. The main part is projects in the field of resorts and tourism, as well as agriculture."

Source: Crimean magazine


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