Swimming in lavender sea: investor develops an essential oil plant in Alushta

Crimea Development Corporation
29 December 2020

What do tourists associate Crimea with? With warm sea, fresh air, unique "wild" places, and with environmentally friendly products, natural oils and cosmetics. Investors are understood it by themselves. 

There are fields with agricultural and essential oil crops — whole complexes of a closed production cycle. Here they grow, collect crops, and then send them to the workshop, where various products are made.

Investor will invest 467 million rubles in the project to preserve the enterprise of Alushta  essential oil state farm plant. It is planned to lay new fields of essential oil crops lavender, rose, rosemary, frankincense, purchase equipment and build workshops for the production of cosmetic products and laboratories for the development of new species.

In addition, in February of the next year, investor plans to build a nursery of planting material.
According to the schedule of laying plantings of essential oil crops in 2021, the investor will lay 162 hectares of lavender, rose, rosemary, frankincense. It will also buy agricultural machinery, transport, and build new workshops.

For example, in spring of 2021, the company will have an automatic washing machine for processing dishes for packaging cosmetics, a line for filling and capping essential oils, as well as an enamel-coated reactor for mixing cosmetics. The second stage of equipment procurement will begin in 2022, the third in 2023. This, in turn, will allow us to expand our products and introduce new items — cosmetic creams, masks, lotions, face oils, wash gels, conditioners and shampoos for hair.

Thus, next year the volume of production of essential oil products will be 3.5 thousand tons, and by 2023 — the volume of production will increase by 3.8 thousand tons.
Investor also plans to organize excursions to the production during the flowering period of rose, lavender, and rosemary.
Investment project implementation period: 5 years and 7 months. The number of planned jobs is 95, including 56 saved, 39 created, of which 8 are permanent and 31 are seasonal.


Alushta essential oil farm-factory founded in 1931. For many years, it was a leader in the production of essential oils of rose and lavender in the former USSR. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the plant inherited processing technologies and invaluable experience in cultivating essential crops in the conditions and landscape features of the Crimean coast.


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