Wasteless industry: how an investor saves the Crimean nature from building rubbish

Crimea Development Corporation
22 October 2020

Housing complexes, hotels, roads, and cultural heritage sites are being actively built in the Crimea. Such large-scale construction projects usually involve building rubbish, in the form of remnants of reinforced concrete, metal, and concrete. Developers have an acute issue of disposal − the disposal of such waste without harming the environment becomes impossible. However, there is another option − secondary industry. Building rubbish is processed and material is obtained that can be used on objects in the future.

Thus, in Simferopol district, investor in a short period of time, literally in six months, organized a whole complex for processing building rubbish.

"We have leased a land plot and are working. We have a whole complex, which consists of crushing equipment - a mobile conveyor, a screen — crushing unit, a bunker — where crushed stone is delivered, a feeder and two crushers, there is also an electric panel station". With the help of equipment, we process building rubbish — reinforced concrete, stone, shell on crushed stone. In future, this material is  used for construction, including roads. Waste free production is obtained", said an investor of the company Yuri Petruk.

The businessman believes that this direction in the construction industry is relevant for the peninsula and saves nature from building rubbish.

"This is relevant for Crimea. Everything is covered with this building rubbish, all the land and even farmland. This is an environmental project. We process all building  waste, concrete, and stone. Secondary raw materials that are used for production," said investor.

The Project is supported by the Crimea Development Corporation under the leadership of the Ministry of Economic development of the Republic of Crimea. According to the investor, the volume of investment amounted to 9.9 million rubles, and the payback period of the project is almost two years.


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