"We do not build boxes": the investment project for the construction of residential real estate was recognized as the best new building

Crimea Development Corporation
21 January 2021

The residential complex "Yevpatoria", the construction of which is under the supervision of specialists of Crimea Development Corporation, is recognized as the best residential complex. 

The data is based on the All-Russian rating "TOP residential complexes" of 2021, published by the unified register of developers of the Russian Federation.

The unified resource of developers regularly publishes ratings of the best residential complexes in the market of new buildings. The rating is formed automatically and ranks residential complexes, based on the results of the evaluation of more than 100 parameters that determine the consumer quality of housing and services of the developer. Among them are such criteria as transport accessibility, availability of social infrastructure, architecture, yard spaces, and much more.

"We believe that this achievement in the expert environment of ERZ is absolutely deserved, but the main thing is that our concept resonated not only with professionals, but also with the consumer, and at the moment we have almost completely sold the first two buildings in the complex and half of the third. This year, we will put two more on sale, and the geography of our customers is from Kaliningrad to Kamchatka in the literal sense," said Andrey Fedorov, Head of Sales at Petrokomplekt LLC. 

The residential complex "Yevpatoria" is the first comfort  class residential complex in one of the oldest cities of the Crimea. It meets all the strict parameters of this category. Special attention should be paid to the location of the complex, its appearance, and infrastructure. The declared volume of investment in the project is 2.6 billion rubles

"The idea to build a residential complex in the Crimea came to us in 2015, by which time we had extensive experience as a general contractor, including at the largest residential construction sites in St. Petersburg. We immediately decided that we want to make low-rise houses, because they are more pleasant to live in, that we need closed courtyards, because this is safety and comfort, high-quality landscaping and cool architecture, and not these "boxes" that everyone is tired of," said the Head of the sales department. 

He clarified that the main task that the team of specialists sets for themselves is to build a house in which they would like to live themselves. 

"We are building a comfortable environment, not meters and flats, we do not do Studio, because it is not possible to live, although they are profitable to sell, we don't do walls of coquina, and carry the concrete from the mainland, because it is better than what is in the Crimea - the list is endless," said Andrey Fedorov.


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