Location: Russian Federation, Southern Federal District, Republic of Crimea.

Area – 162.4 km2 (0.6% of the total territory of the republic).

Population – 24.4 thousand people.

Distance from the city of Simferopol – 145 km.

Armyansk city district is included in the list of single-industry towns of the Russian Federation. It is a border region of the republic, located in the Northern part of the Crimea Peninsula on the Isthmus of Perekop, which is 30 km long, 23 km wide in the South and 9.2 km in the North. In the North, Ukraine borders with Kherson region, in the South with Krasnoperekopsk district, in the West it is washed by the Black Sea, in the East by the Sea of Azov through its Sivash bay, which contains significant reserves of salt, iodine and magnesium resources.

Armyansk as the settlement Armenian Bazaar has been known since 1736. Modern Armenian was built in the 60s as a satellite city of a chemical plant (Armenian Branch of «Titanium Investment» LLC). In 1968, Armyansk became an urban-type settlement within Krasnoperekopsk district. Since 1993, Armyansk has been a city of republican subordination. From 4 June 2014, the city of Armyansk has the status of a city district, which consists of settlements: the city of Armyansk, the villages of Suvorovo, Voloshino, and Perekop.


Investment attractiveness

Two motorways pass through the city district, connecting the Crimea Peninsula with Ukraine: the border with Ukraine − Armyansk (T2202) and the border with Ukraine − Dzhankoy − Feodosiya − Kerch (E-17).


Industry specialization of the region: industry.

Industrial production of the city is represented by enterprises of the chemical, light and food industries. The lion's share is accounted for by the chemical industry, represented by the city-forming enterprise Armenian Branch of «Titanium Investment» LLC − the largest producer of titanium dioxide in Eastern Europe.

The urban district is among the three leaders of the republic in terms of the region’s share in the volume of sold industrial products of the Republic of Crimea.


The food industry is represented by such areas as the production of soft drinks «Magri-K» LLC, «Krymkula» LLC, as well as the production of bakery products «Prodlaym» LLC.The food industry is represented by such areas as the production of soft drinks «Magri-K» LLC, «Krymkula» LLC, as well as the production of bakery products «Prodlaym» LLC.

Light industry − «Karkusha» LLC (production of children's clothes), Individual entrepreneur L. I. Voronova (production of sports products), Individual entrepreneur S. M. Karas (manufacture of furniture, as well as concrete products), Individual entrepreneur M. V. Andreev (production of printed products).


Tourist attraction of the region

Armyansk has an amazing history dating back to centuries, which is inextricably linked with a unique earthen structure that emerged in ancient times, called Perekop (Turkish) shaft, representing a holistic fortification system, which includes a variety of defensive objects. Historical and archaeological monument of Perekop shaft as a holistic fortification system included the UN in the list of the ten best archaeological monuments of the Crimea. Also on the territory of Armyansk there are 30 objects of cultural heritage, including the Perekop wall (I millennium BC - XV-XX centuries), the common grave of Russian soldiers in 1854-1855; mass grave of the Red Army soldiers and Soviet soldiers who died during the years of the Civil and Great Patriotic Wars.


Ongoing investment projects

In the municipal formation – Armyansk city district of the Republic of Crimea, 1 project is being implemented for the development of roadside infrastructure with an investment volume of RUB 4.5 million.


Projects implemented within the Free Economic Zone (FEZ)

  • the Crimean trade grocery and retail network of LLC "KRYMVINTORG", the investment volume: RUB 9.5 million, 25 jobs were created;
  • construction of a residential complex in Armyansk city, the investment volume: RUB 4.9 million, 8 jobs were created.

Investment in fixed capital for the city of Armyansk of the Republic of Crimea

Investment in fixed assets in 2020 amounted to 412.4 million RUB.
Based on 1 person investment amounted to − 17.44 thousand RUB.


Investment in education

In the near future, it is planned to build a PEI in Perekop rural area, Armyansk, the Republic of Crimea, for 150 places, the investment volume: RUB 294.7 million.

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