State support for agriculture

In 2022, state support will be provided in the following areas:

In the field of crop production:
  • carrying out a complex of agrotechnological works, increasing the level of environmental safety of agricultural production, as well as improving the fertility and quality of soils;
  • purchase of elite seeds;
  • laying of perennial plantings, including the construction of trellises;
  • payment of insurance premiums under agricultural insurance contracts in the field of crop production;
  • reimbursement of energy costs for the production of protected ground vegetables;
  • protection of agricultural crops from hail;
  • subsidies for conducting hydro-reclamation activities.


In the field of animal husbandry:
  • support for livestock breeding, including: maintenance of breeding brood stock of farm animals, purchase of breeding young stock of farm animals (except for those purchased by import);
  • support of own production of cow's and (or) goat's milk sold and (or) shipped for own processing;
  • support for the production and sale of fine and semi-fine wool;
  • payment of insurance premiums accrued under agricultural insurance contracts in the field of animal husbandry and (or) commercial aquaculture (commercial fish farming).


Development of small businesses:
  • grants in the form of subsidies for the development of family farms on the basis of peasant (farm) farms in the Republic of Crimea;
  • grants in the form of subsidies for the development of the material and technical base of agricultural consumer cooperatives in the Republic of Crimea;
  • grant in the form of a subsidy for the implementation of the project for the creation and development of a peasant (farmer) economy and the development of rural cooperation;
  • subsidies to agricultural consumer cooperatives for reimbursement of part of the costs.


Development of fish farming and fishing industries:


Other activities:
  • compensation for direct costs incurred for the construction and modernization of agricultural facilities;
  • providing a one-time payment to young professionals who are employed in agricultural organizations of the Republic of Crimea, located in rural areas.


Sustainable rural development:
  • improving the living conditions of citizens living in rural areas, including young families and young professionals;
  • improvement of rural areas.


In addition, the Republic of Crimea implements a mechanism of preferential lending to agricultural producers.



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