Industrial Park "Dzhankoy"

The first state "Dzhankoy" Industrial Park has been created on the territory of the Republic of Crimea.

The creation of specialized industrial sites – industrial parks (IP) is one of the most effective tools of industrial policy. The development of an industrial park is the most attractive form of state stimulation of industrial development, which allows working out the key points of supporting small and medium-sized businesses and attracting investment in a certain territory.

The type of park is brownfield. The "Dzhankoy" Industrial Park has been created in 2021 and with an area of 25.9 hectares. The free territory for prospective development is 9.7 hectares.

The territory of the industrial park is located in the southern part of Dzhankoy city, in an industrial area. The cadastral number of the land plot is 90:17:010779:33.

Territory Dzhankoy
Property State
Area 25.9 ha

The aim of creating the "Dzhankoy" Industrial Park on the basis of the property complex of the LLC "Dzhankoy Machine-Building Plant" is to accommodate small and medium-sized businesses in various fields of activity, to create conditions for their effective work on the organization of new high-tech industries, to create conditions for stimulating investment activity in the territory of the Republic of Crimea, to attract investment, to create conditions for sustainable long-term socio-economic development of the territory, to increase tax revenues to the budget of the region.



The land plot is located on the territory of Dzhankoy urban district, in the northern part of the Republic of Crimea. The territory of the "Dzhankoy" Industrial Park has a beneficial territorial location due to an extensive network of roads and railways.

Distance to the "Tavrida" Federal Highway105 km
Distance to the "Dzhankoy-Simferopol-Alushta" Regional Highway3.3 km
Distance to the "Simferopol" International Airport named
after I.K. Aivazovsky
90 km
Distance to the "Dzhankoy" Railway Station 9 km
Distance to the "Tovarnaya" Railway Station 0.45 km

The existing railway type and railway tracks are located on the territory of the park, which will allow residents to reduce logistics costs.

The specialization of the industrial park is universal.

On the territory of the land plot there are real estate objects that are owned by LLC "Dzhankoy Machine-Building Plant" and the area is represented by 73.340 sq. m. of production, warehouse and administrative premises:

  • the free total area of industrial premises intended for the accommodation of residents is 53.379 sq.m.;
  • the total area of office premises intended to accommodate residents is 12.374 sq.m.;
  • the warehouse area is 755 sq.m.;
  • the area of technical premises is 472 sq.m.


It is worth noting that existing engineering networks are located throughout the territory of the "Dzhankoy" Industrial Park, which will allow potential residents to launch their production within the shortest possible period of time.


Providing the facility with engineering infrastructure:

  • Power supply to consumers of the industrial park will be carried out from substations of S/S 35/10 kV "Dzhankoy Machine-Building Plant";
  • The gas supply of the park is provided by natural gas;
  • The water supply of the park is provided from external centralized water supply networks;
  • Household sewerage - the discharge of household wastewater from industrial and administrative zones of the park is provided through a centralized drainage system.
The following resource consumption is provided on the territory of the industrial park:
Electricity supply4.9 mW
Gas supply 3 900 m3/hour
Water supply249.4 м3/day
Sewerage229.4 м3/day

The creation of an industrial park is considered as one of the tools to increase economic activity in the region, primarily focused on projects of small and medium-sized businesses, allowing to ensure:

  • growth of investment attractiveness and inflow of investment;
  • low administrative risks;
  • provision of certain benefits and preferences;
  • creating high-performance jobs;
  • growth of tax revenues to budgets of all levels;
  • overall economic growth.

Potential residents of the "Dzhankoy" Industrial Park

The management company of the industrial park is LLC "Dzhankoy Machine-Building Plant", which provides such services as:

  • development and engineering services;
  • legal services;
  • marketing services;
  • information services;
  • logistics services;
  • resident project support services;
  • network operation;
  • garbage disposal, waste recycling;
  • cleaning of office premises;
  • security, including fire station;
  • communication (unified telephony, information systems, Internet, data center);
  • transport services.

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