Location: Russian Federation, Southern Federal District, Republic of Crimea.

Area – 1474 km2 (5,2% of the total territory of the republic).

Population – 31,3 thousand people.

Distance from the city of Simferopol – 97 km.

Administrative center – Pervomaiskoye urban-type settlement.

Pervomaisky district of the Republic of Crimea is located in the steppe Northwestern part of the Crimean peninsula. The neighbors of Pervomaisky district are Krasnoperekopsky district in the North, Dzhankoysky district in the Southeast, Razdolnensky district in the West, Krasnogvardeysky and Saki districts in the South.

The municipality of Pervomaysky district of the Republic of Crimea includes the urban-type settlement Pervomayskoye and 41 villages, which are united into 17 rural settlements.

The climate of Pervomaisky district belongs to the steppe agro-climatic region, which is characterized by unstable winters with considerable temperature fluctuations. Summers are usually dry and hot.


Investment attractiveness

The main importance for the economy of the district is the agricultural sector, focused on the cultivation of agricultural products: cereals, vegetables, fruits, grapes.

This is facilitated by a successful combination of various factors: weather-climatic (fertile land, a large number of sunny days a year) and economic (there are no sources of environmental pollution in the area). In recent years, special attention has been paid to the problem of environmental safety of agricultural products.

The region has good prospects for crop production and has the potential to create a significant raw material base for the development of the processing industry. Priority areas may include increasing agricultural productivity, increasing agricultural production, providing food to the population and recreational institutions, and exporting agricultural products.


Natural resource potential

Deposits of shell rock, gas condensate wells (Tatyaninskoye field) and thermal mineral waters represent the mineral resource potential.

Underground thermal mineral waters – high-pressure underground waters of neocomian deposits at a depth of 1682 m. The static level of underground water is set above the ground at an altitude of 92 m. The qualitative composition of the water is thermal (+60) slightly alkaline iodine-bromine sodium chloride with a salt content of 40,3 g/l.

The great potential of wind and solar energy allows to develop an alternative energy.

On the territory of Pervomaisky district there are 20 monuments of history and monumental art.


Investment in agriculture

Agricultural production plays a significant role in the district's activities and has a significant potential for development.

209 agricultural organizations operate in the district: 27 agricultural enterprises, 31 peasant farm economies, 150 individual entrepreneurs and 1 agricultural consumer cooperative.

The area of farmland for all categories of farms in the district is 137,6 thousand hectares (94% of the total land area), including 106,1 thousand hectares of arable land.

Production of the main types of crop production is from 5 to 10% of the gross output in the Republic of Crimea.

The presence of more than 29 thousand hectares of natural pastures is favorable for the development of sheep breeding.

The largest gross volume of grain crops is produced by: "Landcom Krym" LLC, APC "Pravda", "Karakash-Agro" LLC, "Aybary" LLC, JSC "Kirova".

The main producers of vegetables, potatoes: APC "Pravda", APC named after M.I. Kalinin.

The main producers of grapes, fruit and berry crops: "Zarya-agro" LLC, "Dnestr" Peasant farm economy, "Dnepr-Pravda" Peasant farm economy, "Chisty Kamen' (Dalneye)" Peasant farm economy.

The main producer of berry crops: APC "Pravda".

In the field of animal husbandry, 31 agricultural producers operate in the district, the largest of which are:

  • meat and dairy cattle breeding: "Valiko" LLC, "Landcom Krym" LLC, "Krym-Farming» LLC;
  • pig breeding: farm "Dnestr", "Novy Vek" LLC; IE Savchenko A.P.;
  • sheep breeding: "Novy Vek" LLC, "Raduga – Pravda" Peasant farm economy.

Investment in industry

A significant event for the district is the implementation of an investment project by "Krym-Farming" LLC to open a high-tech mechanized dairy farm. The number of dairy cattle is 2,824 heads.

Technical and technological data of the project – a dairy complex for 2,603 dairy cows with an annual production programme: milk - 254,210 сentners/year, the total output of calves 3,000 heads/year, the sale of calves for fattening 1,425 heads/year, the sale of repair heifers to other farms 210 heads/year.


Large investment projects

On the territory of the villages of Voronki, Kormovoye, Panfilovka and Rovnoye, Pervomaisky district, as well as the adjacent villages of Otvazhnoe, Razdolnensky district and Soldatskoye village, Saki district, the project "Increasing the area of grain sowing and planting fruit trees in the North-western Crimea", the total investment volume is RUB 40 million.


Projects implemented within the framework of the Free Economic Zone (FEZ) in Pervomaisky district of the Republic of Crimea:

  • development of the Limited Liability Company "Valiko", the capital investment volume is RUB 7 million;
  • development of a multifunctional agricultural enterprise in the field of pig breeding, viticulture, horticulture, etc., the capital investment volume made is RUB 3.2 million;
  • modernization of the agricultural production cooperative "Pravda", the capital investment volume made is RUB 3.65 million, 30 jobs are being created;
  • development of an agricultural complex operating in the field of agricultural production, provision of services in the field of crop production, agricultural services after harvest, as well as services for processing seeds for planting", implemented by "LANDCOM CRIMEA" LLC, the investment volume is RUB 4.4 million.

Investment in fixed assets in Pervomaisky district of the Republic of Crimea

Investment in fixed assets for 2020 amounted to 405.8 million rubles.
Per 1 person, the investment amounted to 13.2 thousand rubles.


Investment in education

For 2021-2023, it is planned to reconstruct the municipal budget preschool educational institution "Cheburashka" in the village of Grishino, Pervomaisky district of the Republic of Crimea. The investment volume is RUB 237.7 million.

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