Location: Russian Federation, Southern Federal District, Republic of Crimea.

Area – 107,4 km2 (0.4% of the total territory of the republic).

Population – 362,1 thousand people.

Municipality comprises: Simferopol city, four urban type settlements: Gresovsky, Aeroflotsky, Komsomolskoye, Agrarnoe and one Bitumnoe settlement.

Water resources − the Salgir River with inflows Maliy Salgir and Slavyanka, Simferopol reservoir with a volume of more than 36 million cubic meters, there are more than 50 lakes and ponds.

Simferopol is the capital of the Republic of Crimea, one of the two (along with Sevastopol) largest cities of the Crimea, the administrative, economic and cultural center located in the central part of the republic on the Salgir River.


Investment attractiveness

Industry specialization of the region: Simferopol is the most important industrial, construction, transport, scientific, technical, cultural, innovation center, which has great potential to attract private and foreign investment in all sectors of the city economy.


Investment in the transport industry

Transport and road complex of Simferopol is represented by a developed system of public roads, the largest railway station in the country, two airports (international class «Simferopol» and local value «Zavodskoye»), a central bus terminal and four bus stations.

«International Airport «Simferopol» LLC is one of the leading enterprises of the transport complex in the Republic of Crimea. On average, the airport carries 70 flights on departures / arrivals per day. At the airport «Simferopol» a bus station is opened, from which bus transportation is carried out in the cities of Crimea (route 31) and one trolleybus route «Airport «Simferopol» − Yalta».

The new terminal of the airport «Simferopol» does not have a constant height, which ranges from 25 to 35 meters at different points. Both facades, both from the station square and from the apron side, are curvilinear in all planes. After the commissioning of a new airport complex with an area of 78 thousand square meters, the airport’s capacity will increase to 3,7 thousand passengers per hour, and the airport will be able to serve 6.5 million passengers per year.


Passenger services are provided by carriers of such types of transport as trolleybus, bus and taxi. Simferopol, Alushta and Yalta are connected by the world's longest trolleybus line with a length of 86.5 km.



Investment in industry

Industry is a leading branch of the city’s economy. The share of the municipal formation of the urban district Simferopol accounts for more than 37% of the total sales volume of industrial products in the Republic. According to this indicator, the city has been consistently leading for many years. In per capita terms, the volume of sales of industrial products is 2 times higher than the average figure for the Republic of Crimea.

In the industrial production of Simferopol there are enterprises of the mining and processing industry, enterprises of mechanical engineering, light industry, enterprises of the publishing industry, production and distribution of electricity, gas, water, wood processing enterprises and the production of wood products.


Mechanical engineering and metalworking represented by enterprises:

  • «Factory «Fiolent» JSC − the largest enterprise in the city, specializing in the production of power tools, micromachines and ship automation systems;
  • «Electromachine-building plant Firm «SELMA» JSC − production of equipment for welding, cutting, welding materials;
  • «Simferopol Electrotechnical Plant» LLC − production of equipment for electrified railways, high-voltage equipment, consumer goods, foundry;
  • OP Engineering center «Camozzi Pnevmatika» − production of hydraulic equipment, road blockers (bollards), compressors, filter elements;
  • «Plant «Simferopolselmash» JSC − the production of component parts and components for modern agricultural equipment.

In the urban district, there is an enterprise of the SUE RC «Chernomorneftegaz», which provides the population of the Republic of Crimea with natural gas, gas condensate and oil, and produces gas, oil and gas condensate on the territory of the peninsula and the Black Sea shelf.

Among the main food industry enterprises operating in the municipality of the city district of Simferopol, the following can be singled out: SUE RC «Krymhleb», «Beer-nonalcoholic industrial complex «Crimea» JSC, «Crimean vodka company» LLC, «Crimean pasta factory» LLC, «Enterprise «SANTI-KRYM» LLC, «MILTOSH» LLC, «Production and commercial company «Oasis» LLC, «GREEN ICE» LLC, etc.


Investment in the construction industry

Simferopol is the leader in terms of the number of new buildings, the share of the urban district accounts for more than 70% of all completed construction work in the Republic of Crimea. In the construction services market, leading companies are: «Road transport construction company» LLC, Construction Company «Consol-Stroy LTD» LLC, «Krym Magistral Stroy» LLC, SUE RC «Krymavtodor», «Professionalstroy» LLC, «Stroy Region Development» LLС, «ETS Krym» LLC, Group of companies «Vladograd» and «Monolit».

The development of the service sector is an important component for the capital. Simferopol accounts for about half of all services sold to the population of the republic. The city is actively developing a network of consumer services enterprises in shopping centers and markets; there are about 320 hairdressing salons, 160 repair and maintenance workshops for vehicles, 34 car washes, 30 facilities for rendering photo services, repair shops for home appliances and television and radio equipment etc.


Investment trading

One of the key sectors of the region’s economy is trade. The trading network of Simferopol is 1/3 in the total number of shopping facilities of the Republic of Crimea. The city has created the largest network of branded trade in the Crimea, which is carried out by more than 200 shopping facilities.

Along with large shopping centers and chain stores, small shops are also opened, as close as possible to residential areas, which also have a wide range of goods.

The status of the capital of Crimea, a favorable geographical position, an extensive network of highways, including international, federal and regional significance, the presence of the largest railway station, an international class airport predetermines the further development of the city as the largest transport and logistics hub of the republic and causes high interest among foreign and national Russian investors.

At present, Simferopol is one of the most attractive regions for the investors, which is confirmed by the leading position in the number of investment agreements concluded. Currently, 34 investment agreements have been concluded in Simferopol for a total investment of 31.9 billion rubles. Within the framework of the concluded investment agreements, it is planned to implement investment projects in construction, industry, culture, and other areas of the economy.

Investment in education

In Simferopol, the largest number of general education and higher educational institutions is located in the Crimea. In 2014, by order of the Government of the Russian Federation on the basis of the Tavrichesky National University named after V.I.Vernadsky, Crimean State Medical University named after S.I. Georgievsky and several other large universities formed the Crimean Federal University named after V.I. Vernadsky. Thus, Simferopol has a large research potential and prospects in Russia for the preparation of highly qualified specialists for all sectors of the economy.

In 2019, 2 pre-school institutions were put into operation, three kindergartens underwent major repairs, and an additional 800 places were added, of which 120 places for children from 2 months to 3 years old.

Currently, it is continuing the construction of 9 kindergartens (the total amount of investments is 1443,8 million rubles, for 1560 places) and 3 secondary schools (the total amount of investment is 1262,7 million rubles, for 1350 places).


Historical and cultural potential of the region are the basis for investment in tourism.

The city has a rich and interesting history, which annually helps to attract a large number of tourists. On the territory of Simferopol are:

1. The park is a monument of landscape art of local importance «Salgirka» − a botanical garden at the Crimean Federal University named after V.I. Vernadsky.


2. Scythian Neapolis − the ancient settlement, the capital of the late Scythian state, built by the famous Scythian king Skilur more than two thousand years ago (III century BC − III century AD).


3. Natural reserve fund of local significance:

  • cave-grotto «Chokurcha»;
  • an island-block of Perm limestone on the Simferopol reservoir.

The history of the city is associated with the presence and work of prominent figures of science and culture in Russia: A. Pushkin, L. Tolstoy, A. Griboedov, I. Aivazovsky, D. Mendeleev, N. Pirogov, K. Batyushkov, V. Vernadsky, V. Mayakovsky and many others.


Large investment projects

On the territory of the municipal formation of Simferopol city district, 37 investment projects are being implemented in various sectors of the economy. The largest investment were made in projects:

  • development of the "Simferopol" International Airport, initiated by "SIMFEROPOL" INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT" LLC, with an investment volume: RUB 22.8 billion;
  • reconstruction of the Simferopol CHPP with an increase in generating capacity by 230 MW, with an investment volume: RUB 16.2 billion;
  • multi-storey residential development with household facilities - the residential complex "Gorod Mira", the total investment volume: RUB 6.3 billion;
  • construction of the multi-apartment residential complex "Lesnoy-kvartal", the total investment volume is RUB 3.1 billion;
  • construction of the residential complex "Solnechny" and parking on Budennogo Street in Simferopol, the total amount of investment at the expense of own and attracted funds is RUB 1.03 billion;
  • residential complex "Harmony", total investment of RUB 933.2 million;
  • construction of a residential complex on the street of the 51st Army, 124, in Simferopol, the total investment of RUB 670.2 million;
  • construction of the shopping and office center "Naberezhny", the total investment of RUB 650 million;
  • construction of a residential complex on the street of the 51st Army, 55, in Simferopol, the total amount of investment is RUB 475.8 million, including capital investment RUB 475.7 million;
  • construction of the sports and recreation complex "Nelson" with a water park, with an investment volume: RUB 403.4 million;
  • residential complex "VAENGA", the total investment of RUB 316.8 million;
  • an industrial site for the manufacture of building materials and structures, the total investment volume: RUB 254.2 million.

Large projects implemented in the framework of the Free Economic Zone (FEZ) in Simferopol city district of the Republic of Crimea

Currently, 676 contracts for the implementation of projects have been signed within the framework of the FEZ, under which it is planned to attract about RUB 28 billion, create about 15 thousand jobs. The largest projects are:

  • development and operation of "Simferopol" Airport, implemented by "SIMFEROPOL" INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT" LLC (Investment volume: RUB 18.2 billion, 1583 jobs are being created);
  • construction of the "Nelson" sports and recreation complex (Investment volume: RUB 403.4 million, 113 jobs are being created);
  • acquisition and commissioning of new concrete production lines and new special vehicles", (Investment volume: RUB 500 million, 46 jobs are being created).

Investment in fixed capital in the city of Simferopol of the Republic of Crimea

Investment in fixed assets in 2020 amounted to 82.98 billion rubles.
Based on 1 person investment amounted to 231 thousand rubles.


Investment in education

Construction is underway in Simferopol:

  • 2 secondary schools with 500 places each in the microdistricts "Novonikolaevsky" and "Marino". The planned commissioning is 2023, the estimated cost of the projects is RUB 519.9 million and RUB 505.7 million, respectively;
  • kindergarten-nursery for 120 places in Novonikolaevsky microdistrict of Simferopol, the estimated cost of the project is RUB 139.6 million, commissioning in 2022;
  • 2 preschool educational organizations with 260 places each. The planned commissioning is 2023, the estimated cost of the projects is RUB 358.0 million and RUB 327.2 million, respectively;
  • In 2022, it is planned to start construction of a secondary school in Lugovoye microdistrict for 350 places, the estimated cost of the project is RUB 321.3 million.

Investment in housing and communal services

In the municipality, it is planned:

  • the completion of work on the reclamation of the MSW landfill in Simferopol, the Republic of Crimea on an area of 23.9 ha, the estimated cost of the project is RUB 1.1 billion;
  • construction and reconstruction of a sewer collector with a length of 17.4 km, completion of work – 2023, the estimated cost of the project is RUB 11.3 billion.
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