Location: Russian Federation, Southern Federal District, Republic of Crimea.

Area – 283 km (1,1% of the total territory of the republic).

Population – 139,3 thousand people (including the city of Yalta 87.3 thousand people).

Distance from the city of Simferopol – 89 km.

City district of Yalta includes the cities of Yalta and Alupka, 21 urban-type settlements, 8 settlements and 1 village.

Yalta city district is the largest resort and recreation region of Crimea, located on the southern coast of the Crimean Peninsula. The territory stretches along the Black sea from Cape Sarych to mount Ayu-Dag, has a coastline width from 1-1. 5 km in the West to 4-6 km in the East, and a coastline length of 72 km. Region unites the localities of the southern coast of Crimea from Foros in the West to Gurzuf in the East. It borders the Federal city of Sevastopol in the West, Bakhchisaray municipal district in the Northwest, and Alushta city district in the East. The southern part is washed by the waters of the Black sea.

The multi-profile network of sanatoriums, boarding houses, recreation centers and tourist bases created for about 80 years is capable of effective reception and resort and recreational support for more than 1 million people organized vacationers.


Investment attractiveness

The main branch of the economy of the city district of Yalta is resort and tourism. It provides jobs for most of the population of Yalta, and accounts for a significant share of revenues to the local budget.

According to the number of tourists and the number of health resorts, the city ranks first among the resort regions of Crimea, every year more than a third of tourists come to Yalta region.

Yalta is one of the four sea ports in Crimea – a branch of the unitary enterprise "KMP" "Yalta port", including a passenger terminal, cargo complex, ports and 25 berths: 4 – passenger, 17 – local passenger lines, 1 – truck and 3 – supporting.

The port transports passengers between localities on the southern coast of Crimea and has the ability to serve foreign cruise liners.


Investment in resorts and tourism

In the sphere of resorts and tourism, 155 objects of various forms of ownership and departmental affiliation are engaged in economic activity. Among them: 43 sanatoriums, 6 children's sanatoriums, 26 boarding houses, 1 pavilion of climate treatment, 8 recreation centers, 43 hotels, 28 other objects of the sanatorium-resort complex. It is also traditionally used for renting out private housing to tourists. Health resorts specialize in the prevention and treatment of neurological, pulmonological, cardiac diseases, as well as diseases of the musculoskeletal system and gastrointestinal tract. In addition, there are general therapeutic and specialized anti-tuberculosis sanatoriums. SPA and mud treatment services are provided in health-improving complexes and large hotels.

In Yalta, Alupka, Koreiz there are more than a dozen sources of mineral water, which together with other recreational resources form unique therapeutic properties of the territory.


The largest enterprises in the health resort sector::

Health resorts:

  • the state unitary enterprise "Sanatorium "Miskhor" (1152 places);
  • "GARANT-SV" LLC (MriyaResort&Spa / Mriyaresort&Spa, 956 places);
  • "Ai-Petri" Sanatorium JSC (770 places);
  • "Kirova" health resort LLC (708 places);
  • "Sanatorium and health resort complex "Ai-Danil" LLC (612 places);
  • "Sanatorium" Dulber" JSC (575 places);
  • "Kurpaty" Sanatorium of the Presidential administration of the Russian Federation (516 places);
  • "Gurzuf Center" branch "Yuzhny" LLC (489 places);
  • SUE RC "SOK "Russiya" branch sanatorium "Gorny" (488 places);
  • SUE RC "Rodina" sanatorium (474 places);
  • "Gurzufsky" Sanatorium of the Presidential administration of the Russian Federation (400 places);
  • "UK "Parus" LLC (398 places);
  • SMI "Belarus" sanatorium (366 places).

Children's medical and health facilities:

  • "Artek MDC" (2866 places);
  • SBI RC "Sanatorium "Pioneer" (130 places);
  • SBI RC "Sanatorium "Yunost" (100 places);
  • SBI RC "Sanatorium for children and children with parents "Ai-Todor" (73 places).

Hotel enterprises:

  • PJSC "Yalta-Intourist Hotel Complex "(2756 places);
  • "Park-hotel "Marat" LLC (986 places);
  • "Palmyra-Palace" LLC (404 places);
  • "Ecological and tourist center in Parkovoe" LLC (324 places);
  • "Oreanda" Hotel complex" LLC (226 places);
  • "Bristol" Hotel" LLC (276 places);
  • "Tourist and health complex "Polyana Kazok" LLC (144 places).

Investment in industry

The industry of the city district of Yalta is represented by enterprises of the food industry, electric power and other industries. A significant place is given to the production of famous Crimean wines. The largest enterprises:

  • FSUE "PJSC" Massandra – - viticultural and wine-making plant of the food industry, is one of the largest enterprises for growing grapes and producing high-quality vintage wines.
  • Yalta bakery branch of the state unitary enterprise of the Republic of Crimea "Krymkhleb" - produces bakery, confectionery and other pastries. The annual output is about 10 thousand tons.

Service to the population and guests of the resort in the territory of Yalta is provided by more than 3000 objects of trade, restaurant economy and services, including: 1196 stores; 443 pavilions; 549 trade tents and kiosks; 40 pharmacies and pharmacy stores; 464 restaurant enterprises (cafes, bars, restaurants), 13 markets for 2460 retail places.


The historical and cultural potential of the region is the basis for investment in tourism.

Every year, a large number of tourists arrive in the region, which are attracted by Greater Yalta located on the territory of the сity:

Historical and cultural heritage sites:

  • complex of the former house of the composer A.A. Spendiarov;
  • house where Ukrainian poet Lesya Ukrainka lived in 1897;
  • theater named after A.P. Chekhov;
  • house where N.Z. Biryukov lived and worked from 1959 to 1966;
  • Armenian church;
  • Alexander Nevsky Cathedral;
  • Church of St. John Chrysostom;
  • Polikurov memorial;
  • building of the Ai-Todorsky lighthouse and the remains of the Roman fortress of Haraks;
  • palace "Swallow's Nest";
  • complex of buildings of the Palace of Prince Golitsyn;
  • palace complex "Dulber";
  • Yusupov Palace and Park estate complex;
  • memorial on the hill of Glory;
  • former palaces of Emir Bukhara;
  • villa M. N. Wadarskoy;
  • complex of buildings with a park of the Federal state budgetary institution "Sanatorium "Gurzufsky" office of the President of the Russian Federation;
  • house where Alexander Pushkin lived in 1820;
  • Church and Protestant church buildings, etc.


  • "Alupka Palace and Park Museum-reserve"(Vorontsov Palace, Massandra Palace of Alexander III);
  • Livadia Palace-Museum;
  • Pushkin Museum in Gurzuf;
  • House-Museum of A.P. Chekhov in Yalta (Belaya dacha);
  • department "Chekhov and Crimea" in the country "Omur»;
  • "A.P. Chekhov's dacha in Gurzuf";
  • House-Museum of Natan Rakhlin in Miskhor;
  • Yalta historical and literary museum;
  • fairytale museum under the open sky "Glade of fairy tales»;
  • literary and memorial house-museum of N.Z. Biryukova (branch of the Yalta historical and literary museum).

Tour display items:

  • wine tasting complex NP JSC "Massandra" in Alupka;
  • wine tasting complex NP JSC "Massandra";
  • complex of wine cellars of Massandra group of companies» NP JSC;
  • center of family rest "Little farm";
  • zoo "Fairy Tale";
  • sea animals theatre "Akvatoriya";
  • exhibition "Bringing down house",
  • turtle farm with unique, rare species of turtles and crocodiles;
  • Yalta crocodilarium.

Large investment projects:

Currently, agreements have been concluded and 21 investment projects with an investment volume of over RUB 27.7 billion are being implemented. It is planned to create about 1,360 jobs, the largest amount of investment has actually been invested in the implementation of the following projects:

  • a multifunctional complex, the total investment amount is RUB 9 792. 1 million, 288 jobs are being created;
  • creation of a wine tourism center in the Republic of Crimea, the total investment amount is RUB 4.7 billion, 53 jobs are being created;
  • the development of "MRIYA-PARK", the total investment amount is RUB 4 billion, 8 jobs are being created;
  • construction of a casino with a hotel complex in Katsiveli urban-type settlement, the total investment amount is RUB 3 billion, 250 jobs are being created;
  • the entertainment and tourist complex "Novy Simeiz", the total investment amount is RUB 1.5 billion, 128 jobs are being created;
  • creation of an agro-industrial cluster and a recreational zone based on the cultivation and processing of grapes "GRAND CHATEAU LAVENDER", the total investment amount is RUB 1.3 billion, 164 jobs are being created;
  • construction of a hotel complex with a Spa center in Gaspra village, Cape AiTodor, the total investment amount is RUB 1.16 billion, 108 jobs are being created.

Projects implemented within the framework of the Free Economic Zone (FEZ) in Yalta city of the Republic of Crimea

Currently, 132 contracts have been signed within the framework of the FEZ, under which it is planned to attract about RUB 12 billion, 2,900 jobs will be created. The largest projects:

  • creation of a wine park in the Republic of Crimea, the capital investment volume is RUB 2.6 billion, 119 jobs are being created;
  • creation of a tourist and hotel complex "Apart-hotel "Parkovoe", the capital investment volume is RUB 1.7 billion, 30 jobs are being created;
  • construction, reconstruction of the hotel and restaurant complex, the capital investment volume is RUB 1.1 billion, 65 jobs are being created;
  • creation of a comfortable recreational complex for the provision of health improvement services, recreation, physical culture and sports, the capital investment volume is RUB 1 billion, 60 jobs are being created.

Investment in fixed assets in the city of Yalta of the Republic of Crimea

Investment in fixed assets for 2020 amounted to 23.4 billion rubles.
Per 1 person, the investment amounted to 168.7 thousand rubles.


Investiment in education

For 2021-2022 in Yalta municipality reconstruction of the buildings of the Municipal budget preschool educational institution "Kindergarten No. 22 "Rosinka" will be planned, the estimated cost of the project is RUB 148.9 million.


Investment in the field of housing and communal services

On the territory of the municipality, it is planned:

  • to reconstruct 4 STW in Simeiz village, Otradnoye village, Foros village, Gurzuf urban-type settlement (the total estimated cost of the projects is RUB 14.3 billion);
  • to reconstruct the VTF in Vasilevka village (the estimated cost of the project is RUB 1.1 billion);
  • to build of a STW in Katsiveli village with a capacity of 2500 cubic meters/day, (the estimated cost of the project is RUB 1 billion);
  • to build a duplicate Yalta-Artek water pipeline with a length of 12 km (the estimated cost of the project is RUB 546.8 million).
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